Dying Light 2: How to Complete The “Meet The Bazaar” Quest

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Those who have completed the long tutorial in Dying Light 2 will soon be faced with the task of introducing themselves to the people in the bazaar. But many players get stuck with the task and don’t know how to continue. Guided.news now tells you how to finish the quest “Meet The bazaar”.

What is the problem? After completing the tutorial and going to the hospital with Hakon, you will enter the bazaar for the first time. Here you will find not only merchants but also the next main mission, “Meet the people from the bazaar”. However, no one explains to you what exactly the task consists of. Only this much: getting to know them might be a bit low.

How to solve the quest “Meet the people from the bazaar” in Dying Light 2

This is the first step: exactly as described in the mission description, you have to approach all the people in the bazaar once. You can use the “Q” key to highlight the NPCs in green. Two people are really relevant here, Carlos and Julian. Both of them give you a side-quest each, which you have to complete:

Side Quest 1: “Spark of Invention” from Carlos.

You literally can’t miss Carlos. When you arrive, he stumbles right into you and tells you about his inventions. He wants to become a master craftsman and gives you the quest “Spark of Invention”. Here he asks you if you can turn on his electric fence for the goats. Afterwards there’s a barbecue — we’d rather not tell you why.


Side Quest 2: “Cheers” from Julian

Julian is the water merchant of the bazaar. You’ll find him next to the mods merchant and across from the normal merchant. His mission begins with the residents of the bazaar accusing him of murder. He claims that someone else poisoned the water and sold it to him.

Julian sends you to two different people. You only have to warn one person about the poisoned water. Person number 2 is the brewer of the liquor, Marco. He found a zombie in his water tank and wanted to use it to wipe out water thieves.

There you can decide whether you want to deliver Marco to the knife and tell the bazaar the truth or whether you accuse Julian. One of them will have to die, the choice is yours.


This is how it continues: Sometime later, Hakon contacts you via radio and reports that he has already arrived at the meeting point near the tunnels. From here on, the story continues normally.

Let’s summarize:

  1. Talk to all the NPCs in the bazaar that light up green when you press Q.
  2. Accept the side missions from Carlos and Julian — Complete them.
  3. Return to the bazaar and wait for the call from Hakon.

Your opinion matters to us: Did we forget something or is it still stuck despite the description of the mission “Meet the people from the bazaar”? Write us a comment and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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