Lost Ark: Atropos Island - Mokoko Seeds, Isle Token and Shady Merchant

Published: May. 10, 2022
Updated: May. 10, 2022

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In the ARPG MMO Lost Ark you can explore over 100 islands. In our guide we will tell you where to find all Mokoko seeds during the event on Atropos Island, as well as complete all quests and get the Island Token. We'll also tell you where the Shady Merchant with the Masterpiece #34 is.

This is where you can find Atropos Island in Lost Ark

Atropos Isle is west of South Vern, in the west center of the world map, and requires an item level of 460 to enter.

Here you can find all Mokoko Seeds on Atropos Island


On Atropos Island, you can collect 4 Mokoko Seeds, which you can find without any further requirements.

  • The first Mokoko seed is in the north in the corner. More precisely, in a hiding place. Just run through the passage, and you will find it there.
  • The 2nd seed is in the south, next to the camp NPC on a woodpile.
  • If you continue to the southeast, you can use the action button to jump over a small chasm. Follow the path and you will find a house. Inside is the 3rd seed.
  • If you go further and around the house, you will find a painting. You push that aside and then enter another hiding place where you will find the last Mokoko Seed.

Here you will find the Shady Merchant

The Shady Merchant on the island sells you Masterpiece #34. The Shady Merchant, a black market trader, is also hiding in the house where you find the 3rd Mokoko Seed. He will sell you Masterpiece #34 for 30,000 pirate coins.

However, the dealer himself is not always there. He has a respawn time of around 1-2 hours.

This is how you get the Island Token

You get the Island Token as a possible drop at the fountain in the middle of the island. There you can throw "Lynnis Commemorative Coins" into the fountain and receive a "Wish Pouch". This bag can contain the Island Token.

You get the coins themselves from a quest and then from the daily Unas task.

This is how the event goes

The event on the island is just a bonus to the questline on Atropos. Once you have finished the first quest line and completed "Becomming an Official Merchant", you can complete the event every 30 minutes. All you have to do is /pray in front of the Lynnis statue 12 times.

If you do the event 25 times, you will receive the title "Follower" and +3 courage points.

These are all quests on Atropos Island

Questgiver Questname Rewards
Rookie Merchant Chloe Welcome!
  • 2 Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack
  • 750 Pirate Coin
  • 4.500 Silver
Haven Keeper Nerro Secretive Shelter Keeper
  • 2 High Seas Coin Chest
  • 1.000 Pirate Coin
  • 6.000 Silver
Haven Keeper Nerro Haven Keeper's Secret
  • 2 High Seas Coin Chest
  • 1.000 Pirate Coin
  • 6.000 Silver
Manager Giorno  Betrayal of Trust
  • 2 High Seas Coin Chest
  • 1.000 Pirate Coin
  • 6.000 Silver
Veteran Merchant Bogun Shandars Becoming an Official Merchant
  • 3 Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack
  • 750 Pirate Coin
  • 4.500 Silver
Maryin An Errand for Maryin
  • Delta Merchant's Referral
    500 Pirate Coin
  • 3.000 Silver
Doris An Errand for Doris
  • Delta Merchant's Referral
    500 Pirate Coin
  • 3.000 Silver
Bill Henderson An Errand for Bildersoll
  • Delta Merchant's Referral
    500 Pirate Coin
  • 3.000 Silver
Veteran Merchant Bogun Shandars Grand Initiation Ritual
  • 4 High Seas Coin Chest
  • 3 Lynnis Commemorative Coin
  • 4000. Pirate Coin
  • 24.000 Silver


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Great info but what in the world do I do with the delta merchant referrals? I have three in my inventory and no clue what they are used for? Any suggestions?

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