Lost Ark: Volare Island – All Mokoko Seeds, Island Token and Quests

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In the ARPG MMO Lost Ark you can explore over 100 islands. In our guide we will tell you where to find all Mokoko seeds during the event on Volare Island, complete all quests and get the heart of the island.

This is where you can find Volare Island in Lost Ark

Volare Island is located south of North Vern, in the center of the world map, and requires an item level of 250 to enter.

Attention: The island is part of an event. So you’ll need to check the in-game event compass to know when the island is available.

Here you can find all Mokoko seeds on Volare Island

Map from Papunika.com

On Volare Island you can collect 3 Mokoko Seeds, which should be fairly easy to find.

  • You can find the first two seeds directly east of the island entrance on the side of the road.
  • In the north of the island, you can find the 3rd Mokoko Seed in the bushes next to a withered tree.

This is how you get the Island Token

You will receive the Island Token as a possible event reward.

This is how the event goes

For the event, you have to defeat 100 crocodiles and 2 deadly poisonous crocodiles that are in the middle of the map. You don’t do that with your normal attacks, but with cannons placed around them.

To get the ammo, cannonballs or harpoons, you have to defeat the clown enemies in the area. However, the cannonballs do more damage to the crocodiles than the harpoons. So better focus on that.

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