Lost Ark: Anguished Isle – All Mokoko Seeds, Island Token and Quests

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In the ARPG MMO Lost Ark you can explore over 100 islands. In our guide, we tell you where to find all the Mokoko seeds during the event on Anguished Isle, complete all quests and get the Heart of the Island.

This is where you can find the Anguished Isle in Lost Ark

The Anguished Isle is east of Yorn, in the southwest corner of the world map, and requires an item level of 1100 to enter.

Here you can find all Mokoko Seeds on Anguished Isle

On Anguished Isle you can collect 3 Mokoko Seeds and 3 more in the Garden of Despair dungeon.

  • In the west of the island, you will find the first Mokoko seed.
  • In the far north, there is a secret passage that will lead you to the 2nd seed.
  • Also to the north at the edge of the map, you must play the Forest Minuet to open the secret passage for the 3rd seed.
  • Once in the dungeon, you’ll find the 4th seed about halfway down the first section behind a secret passage.
  • You get the next seed at the end of the first stage.
  • At the end of the dungeon, it gets a little more difficult. Bring the boss to at least 50% HP. Suicide clowns will spawn, of which you need to detonate about 5 on the north wall to clear the passageway to the seed.

This is how you get the Island Token

You can get the Island Token as a possible drop from the dungeon boss Broken Stella. You can get the key to access the dungeon through one of the island quests.

These are all quests on Anguished Isle

Questgiver Questname Rewards
Militia Member To The Anguished Isle
  •  4.810 Silver
Militia Member Assisting the Isle’s Militia
  • 5.420 Silver
Danyu Unusual Mayhem
  • 5.720 Silver
Danyu The Kidnapped People
  • Garden of Despair Key
  • 6.320 Silver
Danyu The Anguished Isle’s Secret
  • 500 Crimson Skein
  • 6.620 Silver
Danyu (Repeatable) May They Find Peace
  • Garden of Despair Key
  • 150 Crimson Skein
Rusty Necklace (Dungeon-Drop) A Lost Belonging
  • 300 Crimson Skein
  • 7.720 Silver


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