Sons of the Forest: Here You Will Find the Best Food and the Coolest Drinks

Published: Mar. 11, 2023
Updated: May. 14, 2024

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Energy bars, vodka, Crunchie Wunchies: Survivors are doing really well in Sons of the Forest if they just look for food and drinks in the right place. We found a particularly fine "supply depot", the location of which we will reveal here.

Food en masse: If you've been playing the new survival hit Sons of the Forest in Early Access for a while, you'll probably know that abandoned bunkers are some of the best places in the game. Because the surprisingly clean underground facilities are usually very generous; be it with modern technical equipment like a 3D printer, useful utilities or with larger amounts of great food.

This guide is about a bunker from the latter category, so expect sumptuous food and lots of cool drinks. Fortunately, the "food bunker" is otherwise hardly different from the others. There are no enemies to overcome or puzzles to solve; you can simply walk into the bunker and stuff your pockets and stomach. Here's where you can find this special place.

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In This Bunker You Will Gain 5 Kilos

Go to the north of the islet and then walk to the west until you reach the headland there. At its eastern border you will find a cave that looks like all other "bunker caves". The entrance is accordingly narrow, and you will first have to move a little way through the cave before you arrive at the bunker. Keep your eyes on the ground. You're looking for a small hatch labeled "Food and Dining". Open it and climb down the ladder.

Sons of the Forest: Standort beste Nahrung und Getränke
After that, take a good look around the corridors and rooms under the hatch: There's plenty of fine food and tasty drinks to pick up almost everywhere in the facility. Be it on shelves, in storage bins, or in cupboards. Bon appétit (and sip).

Sons of the Forest: Bunker mit bester Nahrung und Getränke

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