Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Katana

Published: Mar. 17, 2023
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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In Sons of the Forest, you can find numerous weapons and tools scattered all over the island, including the Katana. How and where you can find this best melee weapon in the game, we will show in our guide.

How to get the Katana:

  • The Katana is located in the last bunker in the story.
  • You need the VIP key card to open the bunker.
  • The Katana is among the best melee weapons in the game.

Here you find an overview of all weapons in Sons of the Forest

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Here you can Find the Katana in Sons of the Forest

Unfortunately, the way to get the Katana is a rather difficult one. To be able to reach the traditional sword at all, you need the following tools and equipment:

  • Maintenance key card (you can only get it with the shovel)
  • Rebreather (you need it to collect the shovel)
  • Rope gun (you also need it for the shovel)
  • Flashlight, torch, or similar to explore the dark cave

Especially the shovel is an indispensable tool in Sons of the Forest because you will need it for many other weapons and tools. How and where you can get this valuable tool, we have summarized in detail in our guide. Once you have collected all the necessary items and have enough provisions in food and water, you can make your way to the Katana.

However, you should have a good melee weapon with you because several enemies are waiting for you in the cave, or inside the lab where the Katana is located. The entrance to the cave is located in the far southeast of the island. You can find it at the marked spot on the map.

Enter the cave and follow the path until you reach a locked laboratory. Hold the maintenance key card at the given spot to open the door and enter deeper into the lab. The complex consists of several floors. You will descend a few stairs to the first level shortly after you enter the lab.

Sons of the Forest Katana labor Entrance
Here you need to use your keycard.

You can grab a pistol, including ammo and attachments, in one room and the golf putter in another. Continue to the second level and get to the Katana. Step through the door, next to the writing "Level 2" and run straight through the first room. In the second room, turn right into a corridor whose right wall is lit up with white panels. This corridor leads to a living room where the Katana awaits you.

Sons of the forest katana
The Katana lays in a holder.

This is How Good the Katana is in Sons of the Forest

As mentioned, the Katana is probably the best melee weapon in the game. Not only does it deal a decent amount of damage, but it also has a long range. But its biggest advantage is most likely its high attack speed. You can find a comparison of all the weapons in Sons of the Forest in our ultimate weapons tier list.

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