Starfield: "Freight Fright", Complete Quest Walkthrough

Published: Sep. 13, 2023
Updated: Feb. 19, 2024

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"Freight Fright" is a side quest in Starfield that can be puzzling due to a display bug. Our guide will explain how to complete the task given by quest-giver Denis.

What you need to do in "Freight Fright" (TLDR):

  • Locate the crashed freighter on Mars near Cydonia; simply select the corresponding landmark on the map.
  • Onboard the freighter, inspect all the white boxes in the cargo hold.
  • Don't forget to neutralize all the Thermoparasites onboard. Otherwise, you won't be able to complete the quest.

Starfield: What "Freight Fright" is About

If you've already visited Cydonia on Mars in Starfield, you might have encountered the shady merchant Denis Averin there. The good man runs the store UC Exchange and has some orders for you besides supposedly legal goods.

Denis's first request to you is listed in the quest log under the name "Freight Fright". As part of this seemingly simple task, you are to locate a crashed freighter and inspect certain goods on board (Denis' cargo) for damage.

One problem that can arise here is that the light blue quest target markers inside the freighter may not be displayed, leaving you in the dark, so to speak. But don't worry: The following guide explains how to solve the Freight Fright quest.

How to Solve the Quest "Freight Fright" in Starfield

To find the location of the crashed freighter on Mars, open the star map by pressing the "M" key. Then use the mouse to select the Cydonia landmark so that more landmarks open up below it.

Starfield Freight Fright Quest Guide Walkthrough 07

Denis Averin of UC Exchange is the quest giver of Freight Fright. (Starfield)

One of them shows the text "Check cargo. Freighter location" (see pictures below). If you have passed by there before, it will say "Explored" in parentheses behind it and you can use fast travel accordingly. Otherwise, open the surface map to see your destination a good bit north of Cydonia. Walk there and enter the freighter via the boarding ramp.

On board the freighter, turn directly to the right; there you will find the cargo hold of the huge ship. You'll probably be attacked directly by a thermoparasite, which you'll have to neutralize, as you'll have to do with all the parasites on board. This is one of the sub-goals of Freight Fright.

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Next, take a look at all the white cargo boxes, because they contain Denis' delivery. You'll find them scattered throughout the cargo hold, but not all of them are interactive. Press the "E" key to examine the cargo; a little more than half of the boxes will have a thermoparasite fall out during the examination, which of course you'll have to shoot.

Reactivate the Light Blue Quest Markers

If you have to search for all of Denis' cargo boxes with the naked eye like we did, open the interface menu via the escape key. Here you can activate or deactivate the "floating markers" aka light blue quest target markers. Now switch them off briefly and then on again. If you then leave the menu, all relevant boxes should be marked with blue markers (see pictures below).

During the further exploration of the freighter you will encounter (when coming in) a locked round door to the left of the entrance and a ceiling hatch shortly before it. The door is indicated as "not accessible" and the hatch is missing a ladder to the top.

Both elements are irritating in that you can't actually do anything here. Probably the quest designers wanted to avoid an unnecessarily large search area and therefore sealed off a part of the freighter.

Starfield Verschwundene Fracht Quest Guide 09

If you want to get to the bottom of the cause of the crash, the log entry marked in green above provides information. (Starfield)

Accordingly, that's all there was. To complete Freight Fright, you really only need to rummage through all the white boxes and hunt down all the thermoparasites. You can now return to Denis in Cydonia and, after receiving your reward, have him give you a new task.


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