Starfield: How big can you Make Your Ship?

Published: Sep. 22, 2023
Updated: Feb. 27, 2024

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The question of how large a ship can be in Starfield has been a topic of interest for players of the space RPG for months. Anyway, we now have some concrete information to share.

Here's the maximum size your ship can be (TLDR):

  • A spaceship in Starfield can consist of up to 130 individual parts.
  • This limit applies to both the height and the width of the ship.
  • This results in a total span of nearly 75 meters.
  • The maximum achievable span is around 80 meters.
  • For more details, see the text below.

This is the Maximum Ship Length and Width in Starfield

Starfield How big can you make your ship

Back in August, there was perceptible speculation on the discussion website Reddit about the maximum size of a ship in Starfield. The general estimate "back then" was around 40 meters, which, as we now know, turned out to be wrong.

Thus, the maximum length of a space ship in the release version of Starfield is roughly 80 meters, exactly twice the estimated value. This is a good orientation, but still somewhat vague. Because what exactly does this size mean within the Ship Builder?

A starship in Starfield may consist of a total of 130 different individual parts. However, not every block in the Ship Builder grid counts as a part; habs of three blocks in size, for example, count as a single part. The limit of 130 parts refers of course to the height as well as to the width of the space plane.

Starfield How big can you make your ship 01

A Reddit user felt his way to the maximum possible ship size in Starfield with this ship. (Source: r/Starfield)

Starting from the center of the grid, the maximum number of individual parts can be placed as follows:

  • From an isometric point of view, four individual parts can be placed to the left and four to the right, i.e. a total of eight. This results in a total span of almost 75 meters; the highest achievable span is around 80 meters.
  • The same applies to the front and back as to the left and right, but the number of individual parts can vary here between four and five. So it may happen that you can only place a total of nine blocks here. In principle, however, ten blocks are also possible. The maximum length of the ship is about 80 meters.
  • The height of the ship is different, of course, but not significantly. So it is possible to build the flying vehicle up to eight blocks in height. This does not include landing gear or weapons mounted under the bottom, including mounts. All in all, a spaceship is a maximum of nine blocks high.
Starfield How big can you make your ship 03

Above: The Conquerer is one of the largest ships available for purchase in Starfield.

Starfield How big can you make your ship 02

A landed The Conquerer in the spaceport. (Starfield)

Regarding the height limit, the upper pictures show quite well what a height of nine blocks means. The ship "The Conquerer" shown there is visibly still below the permissible height limit, but it is already conspicuously high.

By the way, if you're interested in the big hulk, you'll have to dig deep into your pocket: A ship dealer will charge you 260,000 credits for this flying monster.

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