Valheim: where to find silver, this is how you get the resource

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The Viking co-op survival Valheim doesn’t explain many things to you and lets you try out a lot in its open game world. But to get better equipment, you also need Silver. We’ll tell you how to get the rare ore.

You have to keep this in mind: Before you storm off to look for silver, you not only have to defeat the first boss for the pickaxe, no, you also have to knock down the second and third bosses. You can find out how in our boss guides!

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How to get in Valheim Silver

To find silver, you have to defeat the third boss Bonemass. He drops a special item, the “wishbone”, with the help of which you are able to track down silver veins in the ground.

Another requirement for mining silver is an iron pickaxe, which you make from 3x Core Wood and 20x Iron.

As soon as you put on the wishbone, your character starts to glow or pulsate as soon as a treasure, a chest or a silver vein is nearby. Once that’s the case, all you have to do is dig and hope it is silver. However, silver can only be found in the mountain biome.

Valheim GLow

As with all other ores, silver weighs a lot, and you can only carry a limited amount of it with you.

Useful tip: if you’ve already made a car, you can load it to the brim with silver. If you’ve already built a portal and are thinking about teleporting from your base to the deposit, you’d better leave it alone. The valuable ore is lost during teleportation.

The next resource you will need for upgrades is black metal. However, you won’t unlock that until you’ve finished the fourth boss.


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