Wild Hearts: How to Defeat Kingtusk in the Monster Hunter Clone

Published: Feb. 16, 2023
Updated: Feb. 16, 2023

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With the boar-like Kingtusk, Wild Hearts has an early test of endurance for monster hunters. But don't worry: Our guide shows you the best battle strategy against this destructive Kemono.

Kingtusk is a difficult opponent: From now on, Monster Hunter fans can try their hand at Koei Tecmo's alternative Wild Hearts. But the action-heavy beast hunt doesn't take newcomers into consideration for long, and so uninitiated hunters are already rammed into the ground here by the third target unpointed. Guaranteed!

This refers to a "wooden" boar kemono called Kingtusk, a giant monster as tall as a house with the ability to manipulate the surrounding terrain. And this doesn't just mean wantonly knocking down mature trees. No, the highly aggressive giant pig also possesses something like magical abilities, by means of which it can shoot enormous tree roots out of the ground.

This raises the question of how a greenhorn is supposed to stand up to such a powerful monster. However, we can assure you that it is possible to win this battle, and below we'll tell you how.

Guide: The Best Battle Strategy Against Kingtusk

First of all, Kingtusk is a real nightmare for melee fighters. With swords or hammers you can sometimes hit and slightly injure this giant, but the great force of its tail and stomping legs can send you straight to nirvana (especially against stomping earthquakes you can use a spring, mind you).

We therefore recommend using bows exclusively, even in co-op mode with multiple hunters. Why bows are generally good for the beginning of the game, you can read here.

Wild Hearts Guide: Floragrunzer

Be like Slayer; be an archer. Melee fighters get the short end of the stick with Kingtusk.

However, this alone is not enough. It's important to dodge Kintusk's attacks as often as possible, or, and even better, to include the environment in the fight. You'll discover superstructures or ledges here during each combat phase, behind which you can hide a bit. Nevertheless, there are hardly any safe places in the long run, since Kingtusk knocks down even massive trees. So movement is essential in this fight.

Don't even think about firing limp single shots with your bow. As you may have read in the guide to bows linked above, they only become truly powerful when (double) charged. So focus on those special attacks; they do very decent damage.

Wild Hearts Guide: Floragrunzer

The green rectangle marks a wall of "bulwarks" to slow down the onslaught of Kingtusk.

Have the Intention to Build a Wall

Another important tool in the fight against Kingtusk is the "Bulwark". As you already know from the tutorial, you can climb on these crate-like objects to climb higher rock walls, for example. In larger numbers, the bulwarks are also useful for building a protective wall that can slow down Kingtusk's onslaught and cause it damage.

Unfortunately, the construction of this wall is connected with a quicktime event. Moreover, it can only be built when an enemy is preparing an action like the onslaught. Of course, it is not possible to build such a wide and high wall during this rather short time in a normal way. By successfully completing the QTE, the wall literally builds itself, and quite quickly too.

If you follow these suggestions, you will not only have the best chance of victory, but you will also significantly shorten the duration of the battle. Especially with the explosive arrows from the vertical, the nasty Kingtusk will soon have nothing to laugh about.


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