Escape From Tarkov Patch 12.12: Release Date Confirmed – What’s the Content?

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The developers of Escape From Tarkov posted a “date” on Instagram that reveals the release of the upcoming patch 12.12 — just different from what you think! We at also tell you what to expect in the 12.12 update.

Update from December 12th: The Patch is online!

Update from December 9th: The patch announcement trailer is online!

Update from December 7th: The developers have teased the trailer for patch 12.12 on Twitter. This should go online on December 9th at 9:00 p.m.

The well-known YouTuber Pestily speaks in one of his latest videos about the upcoming 12.12 update and its contents (via The following innovations are included:

  • New map
  • Wipe
  • Player indolence
  • Improved malfunctions

Chief developer says you already know the release

The official Tarkov account posted a picture on Instagram that contains the release period for the upcoming 12.12 Tarkov update. However, he does not give a date. He only reveals:

“You already know when the 12.12 release will be.”

When is the update coming? Now fans, streamers and Youtubers agree: Patch 12.12 for Escape From Tarkov must be released on December 12, 2021. It is the version number that reveals it. 12.12 is coming on 12th, 12.

This is not a reliable confirmation that the next update including wipe will appear on this day. Nevertheless, it is quite noticeable that the chief developer says that you know, after December 12th has been a possible date in the room for weeks.

This is the content of Patch 12.12 of Escape From Tarkov

This map is new: Lighthouse will mainly offer you forest as terrain. You also have the option to stay on the beach or directly at the lighthouse and even start.

There should be an available in-raid trader on the map with whom you can trade within a raid. In addition, you can expect up to four SCAF bosses at the same time, while otherwise you will encounter a maximum of one. Lighthouse will be the first full-fledged new map for Tarkov in two years, since the release of Reserve in 2019.

What is player inertia? First, let’s look at what Inertia is and how it affects the game. Inertia means that if a player sprints and moves left and right, he is in some way impossible to hit.

Meeting becomes more and more difficult, especially at greater distances. This makes sniping more difficult, and making running in the open and dodging bullets a lot easier at the same time. So we know what exactly Battlestate Games is trying to achieve with gamer inertia.

Better malfunction is coming: The developers want to revise the malfunctions in the weapons. Among other things, they want to change the threshold value for weapons above which they are damaged and dirty.

The more damaged a weapon is, the more likely it is to jam or pop the gun. So here you have to pay special attention to the “durability” value. 90+ means you don’t have to worry. With all values ​​below this, the chance of malfunction increases exponentially.

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Further contents of the update

VOIP will come with this update. So from now on you can talk to other players within raids. If you don’t want to use this feature, you can switch it off using the options.

Chief developer Nikita Buyanow has not yet revealed to the streamer Pestily what new weapons and what adjustments are coming. For this we have to be patient until the official patch notes are published.


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