Escape From Tarkov: "Arena Mode" News is Only Free for a Small Numbers of Players

Published: Nov. 15, 2021
Updated: Nov. 15, 2021

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Developer Battlestate Games has announced new information on Escape From Tarkov's second major game mode, "Arena": We'll show you what to expect and, above all, when and for whom it will appear!

In case you haven't heard of the Arena mode in Escape From Tarkov, here is a summary: Basically, you can think of Arena in Tarkov as a quick round of deathmatch. The role models here are much simpler shooters like Call of Duty, but that shouldn't water down Tarkov's gameplay.

This is what the arena mode offers

  • Smaller versions of the well-known maps
  • Less raid time
  • Concentrated loot hot spots
  • New currency
  • Same perma death system

The developers reveal this news about the arena mode in Tarkov

Arena is not for everyone: Battlestate Games announced a few months ago that Arena would not be free additional content for Escape From Tarkov. Originally, it wasn't supposed to be included in any of the more expensive versions.

With this decision, the Russian developer paddles back up the Lena Volga. According to the latest status, the arena mode should at least be included in the "Edge of Darkness" edition.

Edge of Darkness (EoD for short) is the most expensive version of Tarkov and currently costs around €150. None of the other versions get access to the arena mode. Fans who still want to play this game mode will unfortunately dig deeper into their pockets. This news was confirmed by the Head of PR at Battlestate Games.

More about Tarkov

When is Arena coming? Despite the new update, the developer still does not specify a fixed release period. Some users rumor that Arena will be introduced with the upcoming 12.12 update. However, we think that is highly unlikely.

More likely, Arena will appear late in development, either 2022 or 2023. Then a first release for the final version 1.0 is predicted.

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