ARK Evolution Event through September 7th - These are the bonuses

Published: Sep. 07, 2021
Updated: Sep. 07, 2021

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The evolution event is currently running in the survival MMO ARK: Survival Evolved, through which players receive some bonuses when breeding the dinosaurs and other multipliers. 

This is the Evolution Event: The Evolution Event is not a new event in the world of ARK. With this event, various multipliers are regularly activated over a certain period of time in order to make life in the ARK easier for the players. For example, the accumulation or experience point rate is increased. But especially clans who like to breed creatures get their money's worth at these events.

These are the event bonuses: The Evolution event increases the following multipliers:

  • 2 times the breeding speed (mating interval, speed when the eggs are hatched and when they are growing up)
  • 2 times the taming speed
  • 2 times the collection rate
  • Double experience points

This is how long the event will run: The event started on September 4th, 2021, and ends on Tuesday, September 7th. Unfortunately, we do not have an exact time.

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