ARK Genesis Part 2 gets Horizon Zero Dawn Homage & Hacking

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The new and final DLC “Genesis Part 2” for Ark Survival Evolved will soon be released and, in addition to creatures directly from Horizon Zero Dawn, also brings the ability “Hacking”, which is very important in the add-on!

This is big news: A few hours ago, the official Ark Survival Evolved Twitter account shared a new community crunch. These are smaller dev blogs in which the developers post upcoming content or community-relevant things. This time the “Stryder” and the ability to hack were introduced.

Ark Genesis Part 2 gets Robo-Giraffe “Stryder” & you have to hack her

This is what the post shows: In the recently shared post by the developer, if you take a closer look you will already find two new features from the Genesis Part 2 add-on. But the one new thing seems incredibly familiar.

It is apparently one of the robot dinosaurs from the open-world RPG Horizon Zero Dawn. And yes, apparently that’s the inspiration behind the newest addition to Ark Survival Evolved, which is called Stryder. Also, the developers mention in the post that you’re putting your hacking ability to the test in Genesis Part 2 with this creature.

All The New Content From Genesis Part 2

What can the Stryder do? The Robo-Giraffe, as I will call the Stryder from today, is used to protect the colony ship. You are in Ark Genesis Part 2. Here they patrol and perform different tasks:

  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • maintenance
  • harvest
  • much more

The YouTuber “Syntac” revealed on Twitter that there should be 12 different variants. However, this has not been officially confirmed.

The Stryder was first introduced in the teaser trailer for Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2. Shown here was the “harvest” shape of one of the creatures. That’s why the developers now share two other forms.


What do you need hacking for? Don’t worry, this is not about ruining the experience for other players. The new hacking skill introduced in Genesis Part 2 means something different. You need this skill to tame the Stryder and thus use power.

How exactly the hacking skill in Ark Genesis Part 2 can be improved, the developers do not reveal in their post. As soon as there is something new on this topic, you will first find out from us. In order not to miss anything, activate the push notifications in your browser or on your mobile phone.


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