DayZ is Super Realistic: Of all Things, the Fish Are Particularly Realistic

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Anyone who has played DayZ regularly over the past few years will know: It’s kept realistic, but not unnecessarily realistic — or is it? As a YouTuber has now discovered, DayZ even simulates the daily routine of fish exactly. And that even affects your chances of survival in an emergency. now tells you how this is connected.

What’s going on? The YouTuber and DayZ player Wobo, has found out more about the animal world in DayZ (via For example, he concludes that fish react to the times of day, temperatures and their environment just like real ones. All this despite the fact that the fish are not even rendered, but exist only as numerical values. If you’ve ever thought to yourself that you’re just not having any luck fishing in DayZ, watch out.

Fish in DayZ have day cycle & that’s why you need to fish differently

What does the cycle do? Fish in DayZ have their own unique daily cycle that they follow depending on sunlight and temperature. Just like in the real world, fish swim higher up in the pond or river in the morning and evening. At midday, they then crawl down to the bottom. When the sun’s rays are high, the water heats up and the fish seek the cold in the deeper water.

In DayZ, exactly the same thing happens. The information alone is worth wondering and scratching your head. Why do the developers at Bohemia Interactive put so much time into this apparent side issue? Simply summarized, for one, it’s the demand the team has for realism in DayZ. On the other hand, it brings a new level to the fight for survival. At least for players who like to live self-sufficiently or simply get supplies away from cities.

Because it actually gets harder to catch a fish in DayZ as the day goes on. Up to 50% less fish will bite at your fishing rod at lunchtime. With bait anyway without your chances are reduced.

These are the times when most of the fish bite in DayZ

You know now: Fish are simulated pretty darn accurately and fishing doesn’t always work equally well. So in order to achieve the most fishing success in DayZ, you should go fishing at the following times. Note, however, that you don’t necessarily need bait to fish in DayZ. However, bait increases the likelihood that a fish will bite.

The best times to fish:

  • 05:00 a.m. – 09:00 a.m.
  • 06:00 – 10:00 p.m.
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What do you think? Did you think DayZ would be so petty when it comes to simulating the daily routine of a fish? Write us your opinion in the comments.



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