Diablo 4: 36 Minutes of End Game Gameplay Leaked on Twitch

Published: Mar. 16, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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A Chinese streamer has already published over 30 minutes of Diablo 4 gameplay on Twitch. In it, he already shows late-game impressions.

What's going on? A Chinese streamer had held a risky live stream in the past few days, in which he presents previously unseen gameplay for the upcoming Diablo 4. In this gameplay, he has already reached a considerable level.

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Gameplay leak for Diablo 4 - More than 30 minutes on level 100

What can be seen? The Twitch streamer streamed a total of 36 minutes of Diablo 4 gameplay, showing various aspects of the ARPG. Among other things, we see legendary equipment and its values. However, the names are not identifiable for us due to the Chinese script. The quality of the VOD from Twitch is also rather poor. Other aspects we get to see in the video are battles in a PvP area and an overview of the map. The video also shows:

  • PvE battles
  • A quest
  • Boss fight
  • World event
  • Skilltree of the Barbarian class
  • Different regions of the open game world.

Reddit's users have already downloaded and multiplied the video clip. On Twitch itself, the clip is no longer available. As long as the post is online, you can watch the video here before it is gone:


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How the streamer can already be on level 100 of Diablo 4 is unclear so far. Conjectures on Reddit speak of QA testers who put the game through its paces internally at the studio in order to give the developers direct feedback. If this is true, the leaking tester will probably have to say goodbye to his job, because his in-game name is clearly visible in the clip.

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