Dreamlight Valley: Update is Here - Brings Toy Story & Stitch

Published: Dec. 07, 2022
Updated: Dec. 07, 2022

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The Disney Dreamlight Valley update “Missions in Uncharted Space” is here, including a new star path dedicated to Christmas, Toy Story characters, and Stitch. We have all the information for you.

Here's what's going on: On December 6th at 9 am ET, Disney Dreamlight Valley's new update was supposed to go online. But many players had to wait up to two hours. We tell you why, but also what the new update has to offer.

Dreamlight Valley December Update with Delay

According to the official Twitter account of Disney Dreamlight Valley, the update is already rolled out on time since 9 am ET. Nevertheless, players have to wait up to two hours until the new update is displayed on their device, and they can install it.

Thus, it is not directly playable at 9 am ET., despite the announcement. We have been able to download it from Xbox Gamepass since 9:40 am ET.


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This is What's New in the Dreamlight Valley Missions in Uncharted Space Update.

Through the update, there is not only a new world that you can unlock in Dream Castle, but also new festive decorations, clothes, and items in Christmas style. In addition, there is a new star path that has also been immersed in the Christmas theme. Through the path, you'll also get special gimmicks by completing tasks that unlock them.

The trailer already gives a foretaste of this:


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Updates According to the Wishes of the Community

More changes have been requested by the community, and the creators of Disney Dreamlight Valley have complied. The following is new:

  • You can unlock Woody and Buzz from Toy Story.
  • A day and night switch allows the flexible setting of the time of day. However, this is only a visual change that has no effect on the gameplay.
  • The first character skins for the inhabitants of Dreamlight Valley are now unlocked. You can now find two new outfits for Mickey and Merlin via the star path.
  • You can now turn floor and wall lights on and off in your house.
  • It is now possible to spend time together with Ariel.
  • Kristoff's stall gets an expansion of its supply, which consists of more materials, such as iron ingots.
  • Want to unlock your entire star path right now? Optional moonstone packs are now available for purchase.
  • Steam deck users, rejoice! Disney Dreamlight Valley has officially been confirmed as fully compatible with Steam Deck.
  • Socks (Well, it's for Stitch).
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