Escape From Tarkov: Radio Message Ends Raider-Event

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A few minutes ago, the developers of Escape from Tarkov published a new mysterious message on Twitter. In it, Vepr and Cobra are talking to the Raider Intel. We’ll explain what this means now!

What happened? A radio message is circulating on Twitter. In it, Vepr, Cobra and an unknown leader are talking about a current operation. However, the operation has to be canceled because the target doesn’t show up. Basically, this doesn’t mean a new beginning for an upcoming event, but the end of the current one.

Raider radio call ends event on Factory

Lastly, we got an event on Factory with raiders and tagilla. In this event, raiders came to Factory to capture the scav boss. For us players, this meant that we encountered the tough enemies — the raiders — on Factory. Already the developers announced that the event would last only a few days.

What happens now? The Scav boss Tagilla returns to Factory, complete with sledgehammer, and now haunts us again. The raiders, on the other hand, disappear and leave us alone for the time being.

With the event, the Battlestate Games development team also announced that a new update is on its way soon. What it will contain remains unclear for now, but fans assume that the Lighthouse expansion is waiting here. We remember: Lighthouse currently does not have a lighthouse on the map that we can enter.

The lighthouse will be added in the next update and will also bring the first in-game trader. He lives in the lighthouse and has to be unlocked through a special questline.

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