Hunt Showdown Player Creates Concept for a Replay Mode - Over 1,000 Fans Agree

Published: May. 12, 2022
Updated: May. 12, 2022

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The Hunt Showdown community keeps coming up with good ideas and wishes for the shooter. Now a fan has shared his suggestion with the community: He wants you to be able to track players on the map after the round is over, and the community is celebrating it.

What happened? A Reddit user, by all appearances, had a simple but brilliant idea. He shared with the community in the Hunt subreddit that he gives himself a tracking map at the end of each round. But why do around 1,500 fans now agree with it. It's one of the top posts in the subreddit. gets to the bottom of it and asks: why do all Hunt fans want to know where their opponents have been?

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Hunt showdown fans want map that tracks players, but why?

What's the suggestion? User Boboalutz shares on reddit his idea of a tracking map. The map should be viewable at the end of a round. In doing so, it shows the movement of enemies across the map. From spawn to death, Hunt players should be able to track the movements of other hunters.

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Who needs it? The post now has 1,500 upvotes and over 100 comments. Only very few threads in the Hunt Showdown subreddit are that successful. So there must be more behind it than just a nice idea. But the idea of the replay map didn't come up here for the first time. Hunt fans have long wanted a way to review the past match.

The reason is simple: In many cases you surely don't know from where you were finished or you can't follow the movement of an opponent. The next round you'll do it again and again. How are you supposed to improve if you have no way to check your "mistakes" and look at them again? The replay map could at least show you the movement of your opponents. That way you can learn from the experience of other players and your own missteps.

How likely is the feature? There is good news about the replay map for Hunt Showdown. The developers know about it and have it on their list. However, there are no exact details about a possible release. Unfortunately, this is not a guarantee for the replay map, although fans are calling loudly for it.

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What does the fan community think about a replay map?

Many fans write simply that they would like the feature very much. Others run around the corner with grandiose ideas for possible art. For example, players want to get together and draw paintings of certain body parts, text and symbols on the map:

"Draw wieners!" -- "That's exactly the rat behavior I'm going to participate in."

But others have concerns about server performance. But one user with the rakish name "bmbmjmdm" does the math quite easily and concludes that a replay map would have little to no impact on server load.

What do you think? Do you think developer Crytek will bring a 2d replay map to Hunt Showdown and would you even like it? Share your opinion in the comments.

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