Hunt Showdown: New DLC “Lonely Howl” Brings Lonely Wolf Monster as Skin

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Crytek has released a new DLC for the horror shooter Hunt Showdown today. It includes what is probably — and we keep saying it — the coolest legendary hunter in the game! What else the paid DLC brings, we reveal now.

When & where will the DLC be released? The content assembly line at Crytek and Hunt Showdown never seems to stand still. The latest DLC “Meridian Turncoat” including cosmetics was released only four weeks ago and already there is more to come. This time, the “Lonely Howls” DLC features a hunter who seems to be on the move in the bayou for a long time.

Since April 28, 2022, you can get the new Hunt DLC on Steam for a reduced €8.99. PlayStation as well as Xbox players grab it for 9.99 €. For this price you get the following content.

Content of the Lonely Howl DLC:

  • Legendary Hunter – Lonely Howl
  • Caldwell Pax Claw – Slasher
  • Bow – Whisper of the Lurker
  • Brass Knuckles – Rawhide

Hunt Showdown Lonely Howls DLC – These are the contents

This is the hunter: the new legendary hunter in the current DLC is called “Lonely Howl”, whose real name is Leonel Frisk. From his lore text, we can see that this name hasn’t been used for a long time, though. Ever since Frisk first smelled blood, he has been addicted to an insatiable thirst for blood. This addiction to violence led the hunter to the bayou, where he lurks for fresh prey.

His design is reminiscent of a perfidious mixture of Ezio Auditore and an undead wolf. For under his black hood, the hunter wears a bloody wolf’s head. He has converted the remaining fur into a coat. Insert trigger warning for animal rights activists here.

These are the weapons in the DLC: In the Lonely Howl DLC three weapons, two of which are firearms and a third skin is included for the brass knuckles. Strictly speaking, you can also strike with the Caldwell Pax Claw.

  • Caldwell Pax Claw: The revolver is covered with a claw paint job. The handle is made of bone and instead of a knife, it is emblazoned with a wolf claw that you can use to attack in close combat.
  • Bow: If you want to play a silent killer, you also need silent tools. In this case, there is a skin for the bow, which has been decorated with fur and strings.
  • Brass Knuckles: The brass knuckles in the Hunt DLC are made of simple metal wrapped with strips of leather. To make — and I quote — The sound of breaking bones even more satisfying, nuts and bolts protrude from the brass knuckles.
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The rating show – this is how well the DLC is received by fans

On Steam, the ratings are currently “very positive” with 55 ratings. Some users openly admit that they simply want all the DLCs and consider it a collectible game. Others seem to be making troll comments, writing that skins equate to skill — fun aside, that’s not a troll, everyone knows that!

But the general tone shows that many fans think: Lonely Howl is the best DLC the developers have given Hunt Showdown in a long time. But what do you think about it? Do you think the DLC is worth the money or would you rather do without it? Share your opinion in the comments or exchange ideas with other fans on Facebook.


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