Hunt Showdown Update 1.5.1 Live Skill-based Matchmaking - Patch Notes

Published: Apr. 28, 2021
Updated: Apr. 28, 2021

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Horror shooter Hunt Showdown finally gets skill-based matchmaking with Update 1.5.1. But that's not all that's in the update, you can find out more about the patch notes here. A few hours ago the update went live and is now playable on the Stable-Servers.

Update at a glance: The new update 1.5.1 for Hunt Showdown was released a few hours ago. Here you will not only find many bug fixes and changes to the current meta, but also the long-awaited skill-based matchmaking.

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Skill-based matchmaking in Hunt Showdown Update 1.5.1

Head to head: With the latest update for Hunt, the developers at Crytek are fulfilling a long-cherished wish of many gamers. Players have long requested this type of matchmaking. But what does that actually do?

The new matchmaking method ensures that you only meet players in your rounds who are as good as you are. You can activate and deactivate this option. If you switch it off, your game search uses the previous algorithm, so first looks for your skill group and then fills up with better or less good players.

Gradation in absence: There is another innovation in the skill groups. With the 1.5.1 update, your ranking will drop if you are inactive for a long time. The longer you haven't played, the lower your skill group will be. This should make it easier to get back into the job.


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Overview to New Matchmaking

  • There is a click box in the Bounty Hunt & Quickplay menu that enables skill-based matchmaking
  • The option cannot be deactivated for:
    • Players below level 15
    • Random matchmaking
  • The option is automatically deactivated in the quick play.
  • All ratings are compiled and calculated in teams.


Further Changes & Fixes in Hunt Update


  • Better hit feedback with custom ammunition "Explosiv"
  • Attentive chickens are more clearly distinguishable from calm chickens
  • Improved sound for various Winfield models


  • Overall experience points required to unlock weapons have been reduced. This should increase the players' willingness to experiment

User interface

  • Custom ammo has been visually adapted for the HUD.
  • The equipment bar at the bottom of the screen has been improved.
  • Less unnecessary and greatly improved icons in the equipment screen.
  • Hunter preview has been improved.

Important bug fixes

  • Gun Oil can no longer be used multiple times.
  • Players are no longer sent to the menu when Scrapbeak spawns in Cyprus Huts.
  • Legendary Concertina Bomb no longer shows up as a white box.
  • A bug that caused ammunition to replenish when you were picked up by partners has been fixed.
  • Some explosives mistakenly gave a headshot sound even when no one was hit.

Here's the rest: That was the most important information for us from the patch notes of the current Hunt Showdown Update 1.5.1. Now, if you want to learn more, click here to go to the developers blog post.


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