S.T.A.L.C.R.A.F.T: If Stalker and Minecraft Had a Highly Gifted Baby

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Minecraft is great, Stalker is great – so why not combine them? Well, I could think of a few reasons, but the game STALCRAFT convinced me: I want Minecraft x Stalker — and I want it now!

What is Stalcraft? In short: a Minecraft project that ventures into the video game world. In long, Stalcraft is the ambitious project of hardcore fans who planted the Stalker formula in Minecraft. The next logical step is to leave the shackles of the brick builder behind. Instead of plain diamond sword and armor, there are now:

  • Real weapon models
  • Stalker uniforms and armor
  • cineastic and continuous storyline
  • Real stalker monsters as enemies
  • Hand-built open world
  • much more!

Because of Voxeln I am especially looking forward to Stalcraft

Besides a hand-built open world by the developers, hundreds of items and a cuddly blocky look, there is one reason why I am especially looking forward to Stalcraft: the voxels.

Because Stalcraft is not based on solid cubes like Minecraft is. Rather, only the surface and buildings look like Minecraft. Literally, there is a voxel system hidden under the ground.

Voxel stands for “Volumetric Element”, so to speak 3-D pixels. Interesting for you is the fact that deformable and destructible worlds can be created with the help of voxels. A well-known example would be No Man’s Sky, whose planets you can also deform and build up.

This is why voxels are great in Stalker: In my 200 hours of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., I often wished that an electromagnetic storm or a big explosion would at least affect the world a bit. Unfortunately, due to the technical limitations of the 2000s, that’s impossible.

Yes, Minecraft’s chunky look takes some getting used to, but leaving a jagged and scorched earth behind after a skirmish against monsters or scavengers is cool.

If my grenade suddenly tears a hole in the wall of a factory, which I can then also use tactically to run around the enemy, then I’m happy! How many new possibilities this offers in PvE and PvP makes me expectant.

More about S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Stalcraft is harder: And yes, Stalcraft doesn’t just offer you a single-player experience. Everything you experience can be shared with friends and against other players. You can also join one of the well-known Stalker factions.

But beware: death means that your equipment, weapons and life are not safe. If you die, you lose everything and restart at a random point.

When and how will Stalcraft be released? The release date for Stalcraft has so far only been minted to 2022. Furthermore, Stalcraft is supposed to be released as a “free to play” title.


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