The Day Before gets RTX support, shows new gameplay

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The upcoming survival MMO The Day Before will receive RTX support from Nvidia. This means that nothing stands in the way of ray tracing, i.e. the realistic representation of light, shadow, and reflections. There is also a new gameplay video.

Nvidia’s support with RTX: The Day Before, which is to be officially released on June 21, 2022, for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, recently got a new gameplay trailer. In this, we not only see new game scenes but also learn that Nvidia supports the survival title with the RTX features.

This can be seen in the trailer: In the trailer, you first get an insight into the differences between deactivated and activated RTX features. With activated RTX, for example, the lighting mood of the scenes is much more atmospheric. But you also see how the game character struggles through different landscapes such as the Time square in New York or a forest. You will also be able to use vehicles on The Day Before.

What is RTX? The technical features of the current RTX graphics cards from Nvidia, i.e. the GeForce RTX 30 series, are hidden behind RTX. The main focus here is on ray tracing and DSR.

Ray tracing is a graphic technology that realistically calculates visible and invisible light rays. It enables lifelike lighting in computer games and animated 3D graphics.

DSR, on the other hand, stands for Dynamic Super Resolution and ensures that the resolution of the game on your screen in any size not only looks good and reaches 4K quality, but also runs smoothly.

The title will appear on June 21, and we can all get an idea of ​​whether The Day Before can deliver what it has promised in its trailers so far.


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