How to find Black Ice in Conan Exiles

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You want to make good equipment in the Barbarian Survival MMO Conan Exiles? Then you need black ice. We’ll tell you where you find it in our guide.

The Black Ice in Conan Exiles is not only what you need for the strongest weapons in the game, but also for good equipment and reinforced building parts. But also to produce star metal.

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Location: This rare resource can be found high in the north near the volcanic area. The veins are distributed around the mountains south side and can also be found in the Temple of Frost.

South of the mountain and in the Temple of Frost you will find a few deposits.

Crafting Black Ice: If you are not lucky enough to find Black Ice, you can craft it yourself. However, you need the Exaulted Altar of Ymir to make it. There you can exchange 100 ice, 20 ice shards and one manifestation of the zeal for the coveted resource.

If you have an altar of Ymir and enough resources, you can save yourself from farming.


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