DayZ Now Has Spears, Belts & Toilet Paper Clothes – All Crafting Recipes from Update 1.17

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For the past week, DayZ fans have been able to test out the latest version 1.17 on the Experimental servers. Update 1.17 brought countless new items and craftables. Guided editor Kevin Willing now shows you in a quick form, all the crafting recipes for the spears, clothing, belts, cooking sites and more.

What’s new in Update 1.17? A week ago, version 1.17, one of the biggest content updates for DayZ ever, was released. It brought adjustments to Chernarus as well as Livonia and several fixes. For the first time in a long time, we also got a bunch of new items, like the awesome “CR 550 Savanna” sniper. In this article, however, we’ll focus on the craftable new items:

  • Campfire Stove
  • Rope belt
  • Stone spear
  • Bone Spear
  • Homemade clothing
  • Homemade Gas Mask Filter

All new crafting recipes & items from DayZ Update 1.17

What do you need this for? Most of the new items are aimed primarily at Bambis and new players on a server. They serve to bridge the gap between “no gear” and “military gear”. With most crafting recipes in DayZ 1.17 you can at least defend yourself from basic dangers like weather and zombies.

1. Craft Improvised Cooking Stand


  • 2x short stick
  • 1x long stick

Take the long stick in your hand and drag the two small sticks from the inventory onto it. Make sure that the sticks are in a stack, so you drag them both together into the crafting field.

With the improvised fireplace you can use your pots for cooking in any place. So you no longer have to cook in houses or hope to find a cooking tripod. If you have a campfire, you’ll have to pick up the cooking trivet and then place it on the fire.


2. Craft Rope Belt


  • 1x rope
  • Knife of any kind

Again, a very simple crafting recipe: take the rope in your hand and drag the knife from your inventory onto it. However, you don’t just get the option that you can build your new fashionable belt. Don’t let DayZ take you hopps, and be sure to choose not to tie yourself up!

With your new improvised belt, you can now carry knives. And without them consuming inventory space, or you’re needing a military vest. Currently, unfortunately, it can only carry the knife and nothing else. Therefore, if you no longer need your belt during your journey, you can tie it into a rope again. To do this, take the belt in your hand and press the action button.

3. Stone Spear


  • 2x Small stone
  • 1x Long stick

To craft a spear, you first need to build the point. For the stone spear you craft a stone knife, which you can combine from two small stones. Then you connect this stone knife with your long stick, which you get from bushes and trees. If you have combined the two items, you now have the new stone spear from DayZ Update 1.17.

4. Bone Spear


  • 2x Bone
  • 1x Long Stick

Just like the stone spear, you also need the tip of the bone spear. For this you build a bone knife, which you can make from two bones. Then you connect the bone knife with the long stick and get the bone spear.

With the two spears, you can now defend yourself against the infected and the wild life of Chernarus and Livonia. Against players, however, you should see the spear only as an emergency solution — if at all.


5. Craft Improvised Clothing


  • 20x scraps of fabric (rags).

The improvised clothing consists of five different parts, all of which require different amounts of rags to craft. Crafting the clothes is easier than ever, you just need the right amount of rags in your hand and you get the option to craft. Hat, gloves, mouth scarf and shoes need 2 scraps of cloth each. However, for the torso and the pants you need 6 scraps each, for both of them 12 in total.

You should use improvised clothing mainly when you have no other option. Without shoes, your feet will crack, and you will bleed. Without gloves, it will be difficult to slide ladders. The rest will protect you from cold and wet. In the case of improvised clothing, this protection isn’t really worth mentioning and the inventory space is also rather tiny with 2x 12 slots.


6. Craft Improvised Gas Mask Filter


  • 1x – 10x charcoal tablets
  • 1x dust mask
  • 1x plastic bottle

The new Gas Mask Filter is probably the most difficult item to craft in the current DayZ version 1.17. You need a plastic bottle, a dust mask and charcoal tablets. Once you have that together, combine the empty plastic bottle with the dust mask. Then add one to a maximum of 10 charcoal tablets and you’re good to go:

Now you can breathe with the homemade filter for about 5 minutes and then refill it with charcoal tablets. However, you should not rely exclusively on this filter, as the dedicated filters for your gas mask offer significantly longer protection with up to 20 minutes.


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What do you think? Do you have any other tips and tricks or better crafting recipes for the new or maybe familiar items? Let us know in a comment or join our growing community on Facebook or Discord, we look forward to seeing you!


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