DayZ Singleplayer: How to Install the Offline Mode

Published: Jun. 27, 2022
Updated: Dec. 15, 2023

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DayZ is one of the most popular survival MMOs ever, but you can also experience it alone in single player. Whether to test new features, weapons, and co. or to explore the maps in a relaxed manner: Guided author Kevin Willing now shows you how to play DayZ in singleplayer.

Article Highlights:

  • You can also play the singleplayer in DayZ without your own server
  • On PC, you can also play many other DayZ maps offline.
  • There is no offline mode / singleplayer on the consoles.
  • In our case, the installation only took around 5 minutes.

Install and play DayZ Singleplayer - Here's how

All you need to play DayZ alone is the base game. If necessary, you can of course download various mods from the Steam workshop. Once you have done that, you need the "Community.Offline.Mode", which you have to download.

All DayZ offline maps (via

  • Chernarus
  • Livonia
  • Deer Island
  • Namalsk

Install and set up DayZ Singleplayer:

  • Download the offline mode of the DayZ map you want.
  • Find the DayZ installation path, by default this is (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ)
  • This is where the "Missions" folder is located, to which you move the offline mode.
    If Missions doesn't exist yet, simply create a new folder and name it accordingly.
  • Launch DayZ from your Steam library so that the launcher appears.
  • Go to the Parameters tab and check the "Mission" advanced setting. Here, you select the installation path of the DayZ offline mode.
  • Now go to the mods tab and select the mods you want to play with.
  • Click Play!

You need these mods: There are two modifications that I can recommend to you. They allow you to bring up a spawn menu and spawn items, vehicles, etc. You can also teleport like this (download via Steam workshop):

dayz offline menu

Here you see the admin menu in the offline mode.

Key assignment for menu & cheats in DayZ offline mode

If you play DayZ offline in single player, you can use an admin menu to spawn items, teleport, switch on a god mode and much more. The controls for the menu and movement are

  • Z - Opens the admin menu
  • End - Starts the free camera. Pressing End again teleports your character to the camera position.
  • Insert - Teleports you directly to the focus point of your camera.
More about DayZ

Why do you need an offline mode for DayZ?

DayZ offers many beautiful places, and invites you to explore and loot. You may not be able to get to many places at all because the concentration of lead in the air is so high that you quickly get new bullet holes. For example, discovering the northwest airfield undisturbed can help you in a firefight: at least then you know how it is set up.

But the DayZ singleplayer is also great for testing modifications or researching crafting recipes or building a base. Because if you want, you simply spawn the items you need.

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will this affect my files in anyway , regarding assets of base game dayz itself , please brief me about this before i commence operation

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