Escape from Tarkov: All Christmas tree locations for the event quest “To The Tree”

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In the last update of Escape from Tarkov, the developers patched a small Christmas event into the game. In two new quests, you should collect certain event items on the one hand, but also visit Christmas trees on each map. We’ll tell you where the trees are.

That’s going on: Developer Battlestate Games shut down the Escape from Tarkov servers on December 25th in order to apply a new patch. Version 0.12.12 mainly brings a Christmas event, where you should find decorated fir trees in all maps for the quest “To The Tree”.

The Christmas trees also have plenty of presents ready for you, all you have to do is collect them. The trees are in these places:

  • Customs
  • Interchange
  • Shoreline
  • Woods
  • Lighthouse
  • Reserve

Here you can find the Christmas trees in Escape from Tarkov


You can find the Christmas tree on Customs in the north of the map. More precisely, between the dormitories on the green space.



The Christmas tree on Interchange is in the middle of the main street at the level of the entrance to the Ultra shopping center. Just get out on the street, and you can’t miss it.



On the Shoreline Map, the decorated Christmas tree is located at the resort in front of the administration building directly on the square.


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You can hardly miss the tree on Woods. Right on the lake by the small container island.



At the southeast end of the new Lighthouse Map, you will find the decorated Christmas tree. It’s right on the beach.



You can find the Christmas tree on reserve in the middle of an intersection between the bunker and the train station.


We hope this little guide helped you find all the trees during the Escape from Tarkov Christmas event.

Here is the guide in video format from YouTuber BakeeZy:


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