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Escape From Tarkov: Guide to the Customs Map – Spawns, Exits & Loot 2021

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The Customs Map in Escape From Tarkov is one of the most played maps in the game. That’s why we want to show you everything you need to know about the map in this guide – really everything!

That has changed: Escape From Tarkov’s Map Customs is one of the most played maps in the tactical shooter for various reasons. This is mainly due to the mission structure of the game, which often sends you there at the beginning of a wipe. In addition, their varied terrain is also good for beginners to learn.

In this guide, we show you everything you need to know about the Tarkov Map Customs in 2021 (version 12.11).

Spawns, Extracts & Landmarks at Customs 2021

What you should know: Even before you start your first raid on the Tarkov Customs map, you should consider some important information:

  • A raid lasts a maximum of 45 minutes
  • Since update 12.9 there are a maximum of 13 players on the map
  • The map was enlarged with Update 12.7.

Here you start: Each map in Escape From Tarkov has different spawns, which can vary at each start. On the Tarkov Map Customs, you over all have 22 spawns. These are spread over the west and east of the map. So you never start in the middle of the map. The yellow arrows on the following picture represent the spawns.


Orientation points on Customs: If you start between many small garages on a large truck yard with a red warehouse or directly in front of a river, then you are in the west of the map.

If, however, you only see trees, rocks, and meadows, you are in the north-east of Customs. If you start inside the factory premises, you should wake up in a hall or see nothing more than a few silos and brick buildings. You can use the following points of orientation:

  • the bridge over the river (west-east connection)
  • the main street with gas station & bus station
  • large silos lurking on scav snipers
  • Dorms that are cut off in the north
  • A road blockade to the west of the map
  • Garage collection in the east of the map

Exits on Customs in Tarkov 2021

  1. Administrations Gate
  2. Crossroads
  3. Dorms V-EX
  4. Factory Far Corner
  5. Factory Shacks
  6. Military Base CP
  7. Old Gas Station
  8. Old Road Gate
  9. Passage (Between Rocks)
  10. RUAF Roadblock
  11. Railroad to Military Base
  12. Railroad To Tarkov &
  13. To Port
  14. Scavs Checkpoint
  15. Smugglers Boat
  16. Sniper Roadblock
  17. Trailer Park
  18. Trailer Park Worker’s Shack
  19. Warehouse 17
  20. Warhouse 4
  21. ZB-1011
  22. ZB-1012
  23. ZB-013


Important loot spots for beginners & buried stash locations

There’s awesome loot here: The Tarkov Map Customs is often referred to as a map on which there is hardly anything for players to get. However, we say this is nonsense. To prove that, you should research the following loot points:

  1. There are lots of PC parts, tech spawns & fuel here. There is also a rare item spawn upstairs.
  2. You can find two weapon boxes here on the scaffolding inside. Popular keys such as the Factory Key also spawn here.
  3. Here you will find food & drinks right in the first door. In the toilets there is a bloody mannequin with a gold wristwatch that can spawn. In the back of the building there are tech items and weapon attachments. In addition, there can be even more rare items on the couch in the back room.


Where to find the stashes: Stashes are buried containers in which you can find good loot. That is why they are not easy to find and are sometimes hidden in bushes or in almost invisible places.



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