Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open the Eye Treasure Chests

Published: May. 04, 2023
Updated: May. 06, 2023

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In the open-world RPG Hogwarts Legacy you can find eye treasure chests in various places. These cannot be opened directly, but there is a trick! We'll tell you how to do it in our guide.

These are eye treasure chests: When you explore the large open world in Hogwarts Legacy, you will find many chests. A few are closed with a big eye, the eye treasure chests. You also can't open them easily, but there is a solution.

How to Open the Eye Treasure Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

Here's what you need to do: To open the eye treasure chests in the Potterverse of Hogwarts Legacy, you need to meet a few requirements. You must reach level 3 to learn the Disillusionment spell during the main mission, “Secrets of the Restricted Section”.

This is why you need the disillusionment spell: With the disillusionment spell learned, you can hide and get to the watchful eye treasure chest. Because if you usually approach, the eye treasure chest will protect its contents and watch you. It keeps a constant eye on you, so to speak.

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After that, you can use the spell on the eye treasure chests, but here you also have to pay attention to a certain procedure:

  • Stand close to the chest so that it sees you.
  • Use the disillusionment spell.
  • Run a few meters away until the chest closes its eyes.
  • Then walk to it again – even if it opens its eyes, you can loot the chest.

In the chests, you will often find gold, which you can use to buy a broom, for example. YouTuber Backsite Guides has created a helpful video about this:


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