How to Get All Legendary Pokemon in the Indigo Disk

Published: Dec. 20, 2023
Updated: Dec. 20, 2023


The long-awaited The Indigo Disk DLC brought a new region to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But in addition to regular Pokemon, trainers can add Legendary ones to their collections. We have already collected them all, so next, we will tell you how to get all Legendary Pokemon in the Indigo Disk.

Contents of the guide: Learn how to get all the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet the Indigo Disk.

  • There are as many as 25 Legendary Pokemon.
  • Learn all the details on how to get them all.

How to Unlock Legendary Pokemon in the Indigo Disk

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet the Indigo Disk - NPC

Legendary Pokemon are very rare in The Indigo Disk DLC. So before you can lay your hands on them, you need to complete all the story quests. During them, you can even get one Legendary. When you complete the storyline in Blueberry Academy, Snacksworth NPC will become available to you, who can provide special treats. With their help, you will be able to find Legendary Pokemon in the Paldea region.

In total, Snacksworth can reward you with 25 treats for each Legendary Pokémon in The Indigo Disk DLC, respectively. But to accomplish this, you need to complete various Blueberry Quests for him. Plus, each reward is random, so you won't know which Legendary Pokémon you'll unlock next. Therefore, we recommend you first collect all the treats and then go hunting in the Paldea Region.

How to Get Every Legendary Pokemon in the Indigo Disk


This is the first Legendary Pokemon you will encounter in the Indigo Disk. It's part of the story, so you can't miss it. Plus, if you don't get Terapagos, you won't be able to unlock other Legendaries.


Trainers can find Articuno at Glaseado Mountain. According to Snacksworth, this Legendary Pokémon will appear near the lake. So we recommend that you check out the one between Montenevera and Glaseado Mountain Pokecenters.


Cobalion spawns in North Province (Area Two). You can easily find it near Fury Falls Fast Travel Point.


To find Entei in the Indigo Disk, you need to visit East Province (Area Three). The place you are interested in is located on the river bank northeast of Levincia Lighthouse Fast Travel Point.


Glastrier, like Articuno, is located on Glaseado Mountain. But to get to it you need to go south from Glaseado Gym Pokecenter.


Groudon is located in the South Province (Area Six) under Alfornada Town. In other words, you need to explore Alfornada Cavern to find this Legendary Pokemon in the Indigo Disk.


Ho-oh can also be found near Alfornada Town. Just go east to the rocks at the start of South Province (Area Four).


Kubfu is one of the easiest Legendary Pokemon to find in the Indigo Disk. All you need is a fast travel to Fury Falls to encounter it.


Since Kyogre is a whale Pokemon, it lives in the sea. Trainers can encounter it in the northwestern part of the sea. To get there, just fast-travel to Gracia Stones.


Kyurem prefers to be in a cave. So you can find it in one near Dalizapa Passage Pokecenter.


Latias is located on a small beach in South Province (Area Four).

You can easily find it if you go south from the Watchtower in this Area.


Trainers can find Latios near the lake in North Province (Area Two). Go to the southwestern part of the area, and you will find the desired water body.


Like Kyogre, Lugia can only be found in the sea. Therefore, to catch this Legendary Pokemon in the Indigo Disk, you need to explore the small islands north of North Province (Area One)


You may encounter Lunala on the shore near Casseroya Lake. The location you need is in the southwestern part of the area, north of Porto Marinada.


Moltres spawn on rock formations in the north of the Asado Desert. You can easily find it by walking south from Colonnade Hollow Fast Travel Point.


Players can find this Legendary Pokemon in the northern part of the Casseroya Lake Area. Explore the mountain range southeast of Groundblight Shrine, and you will encounter Necrozma.


Raikou is located near a lake in West Province (Area One). To get there, fast-travel to the central West Province (Area One) Poke Center and then head northwest.


To find Rayquaza you need to explore the southeastern edge of the Zone Zero crater. For convenience, you can travel north from the South Province (Area Three) of the Poke Center.


Reshiram is located in East Province (Area One). To catch it, explore the river south of Zapapico.


Finding the Solgaleo Legendary Pokemon is straightforward in the Indigo Disk. You just need to visit the Pokemon League building.


Spectrier is located in the Glaseado Mountain (South) area north of the Crater. You can fight it if you go west from Dalizapa Passage Potsecentra.


Trainers may encounter Suicune on one of the islands in Casseroya Lake. The island you need is on the western part of the Lake.


To find Terrakion, go to West Province (Area One). You need to climb the hill that is located west of the Crater and southeast of Cascarrafa Town.


Virizion roams the northeastern part of Tagtree Thicket. For convenience, you can fast-travel to the East Province (Area Three) Poke Center and head north.


Zapdos is located in the south of South Province (Area One). But to get to it, you will need to climb to the top of the Poco Path Lighthouse.


Trainers can find Zekrom in South Province (Area Three). It spawns on top of a cliff south of Artazon.

That's all you need to know about how to get all Legendary Pokemon in the Indigo Disk. You'll have to spend quite a lot of time catching them all, but they are definitely worth it.

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