Lost Ark Elzowin’s Shade Mokoko seeds and collectibles

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In the ARPG MMO Lost Ark, you can find various collectibles and secrets in each area. These are especially important for unlocking area rewards. We’ll show you where to find all the Mokoko Seeds in Elzowin’s Shade and Palace of Dreams.

In Lost Ark you can discover some objects, secrets and special places. Strong monsters and bosses are also hidden in many areas. Finding these things is rewarded with area advancement, which in turn gives you great rewards.

Here you can find all Lost Ark Elzowin’s Shade Mokoko Seeds


What you can find: Elzowin’s Shade is located in the Rohendel area. There you will find:

  • 7 Mokoko-Seeds
  • 2 Points of Interest
  • 5 hidden Stories
  • 1 hidden Quest
  • 4 named Monster
  • 1 Object for the Adventure-Book
  • 1 secret Passage

You have to pay attention to this: The secret passage in the north of the map can easily be walked through to find a Mokoko seed. Another seed in the north of the map requires 250 Intelligence to open. In the northeast and along the southeast path of the map, you will find the “Magic Snail” for your adventure book.

Here you can find all Mokoko seeds in the Dungeon Palace of Dreams


This is essential to note! To get into the King’s Residence secret room and get the Mokoko Seed + achievement, you need a Camouflage Robe for the Dream Corps Look room. You must also complete the dungeon in Hardmode.

When you enter the Dream Corps Look room outside, you will see an object that can be activated. If you wear a robe of camouflage and activate the item, you will receive the buff “God’s Brilliance”. (cannot be obtained when 1 minute has already passed after entering or when you kill a rook)

When the Queen of the Dreaming Corps is caught, she will eject a dream wave, after you avoid this with a mirror, an object will appear. Activating this item grants you a “Dream Whisperer” buff

After getting the two buffs, return to the chess room and activate the butterflies on the stone statues on either side of the central staircase. Another chess puzzle will be created and the bishop’s room will open if you complete the puzzle.

Then, after defeating the Bishop, you can find a Mokoko Seed. Then return to the chess room and go to the middle room where the king will appear.

That’s all the main areas in Lost Ark

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