Lost Ark: What are Gold Islands & How to Make Lots of Money Here?

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The seafaring and adventuring life in Lost Ark is not always lucrative. We often look for new ways to increase our own gold savings. For this purpose, you can follow the so-called “Gold Islands” from month to month in Lost Ark and become filthy rich — Guided author Kevin Willing will now tell you how.

What do you need gold for? There are many currencies in Lost Ark, but gold is by far the most important in the ARPG. Among other things, you can use gold to improve your equipment, trade with other players, or purchase items from the auction house.

Even goods that you would otherwise only get for real money can be offered by other players in exchange for gold. This is because in Lost Ark items are not account-bound, as in Guild Wars or Warcraft. Tip: For relationships with NPCs, however, you have to resort to silver — but who needs relationships, right? …right?

What are Gold Islands in Lost Ark & How much gold do you get?

What is a Gold Island? Gold Islands in Lost Ark are Adventure Islands that promise you gold as a reward for completing a weekly island activity. Which island becomes a Gold Island in the current month is random. Moreover, the rewards in the form of gold are limited to only a handful of islands. This makes it all the more important to always keep an eye on which adventure island is currently a Gold Island.

When do you get gold? Every month there are 9 gold islands that you can visit. You can participate in 3 adventure islands every day. However, the Gold Islands are not available every day, but only on certain days. A list of the current Gold Islands can be found below.

On weekends, the Gold Islands rotate and are then partly playable for the second time. However, the rotation also brings a pitfall: Often the weekend gold islands only offer gold as a reward at certain times.

This is how much gold you earn: Some Gold Islands whose tasks you complete at the highest level (T3) reward you with up to 600 gold. Your item level also plays a role, because the higher it is, the better your reward will be. There is hardly an easier way to get gold in Lost Ark. In fact, you can get up to 1,800 gold per month with the Gold Islands.

The current gold islands in Lost Ark in May:

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Use the alarm clock tool to never miss a Gold Island.

How to set an alarm clock: Since the Gold Islands are only available at certain times, you should set a reminder alarm clock for yourself. To do this, you don’t need an egg timer on your desk, but you can set it directly in Lost Ark. However, in order to use the calendar function, your character must be level 50. If you have that, then set your alarm as follows:

  1. Click on the compass icon below your mini map.
  2. Now the “Procyon’s Compass” opens, which presents you with various activities.
  3. Select the Adventure Island — click on the blue button that shows a megaphone.
  4. Here you will see the next activities in a new window.
  5. Click on the compass needle to see where the island is located.
  6. If you click on the megaphone symbol again, you can set an alarm.
Here you can set your alarms. (Source: Wilky via youtube.com)

What should you pay attention to? You can set your alarm clocks to inform you some time in advance. It is best to set this value to 30 minutes. If you choose 5 minutes, you may well be informed in the middle of the dungeon. Then it will be tight with the gold island.

Your alarms will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Here, you can also select which alarms should be displayed. Turn off all alarms and add only the ones that are important for you. In our case, the timers for the gold islands.


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