Palworld Beginner's Guide: The Best Tips for Starting Out

Published: Jan. 19, 2024
Updated: Jan. 19, 2024

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The survival sandbox game Palworld offers you a Pokémon-like experience and much more. In our starter guide, we provide you with some tips to help you survive the beginning of the game without any harm.

Here's what you'll find in our guide:

  • We offer important tips to help you master the first few hours of the game.
  • We also tell you what you should pay special attention to.

5 Beginner Tips for Starting in Palworld

To master the first few hours of the game, we've gathered some tips and will tell you what you need to do to keep your Pals happy.

1. Capturing Pals

One of the major core features of the game is capturing and collecting Pals, with a total of 134 available at the Early Access launch on January 19, 2024. We've created an overview of all the Pals in the Paldeck for you to know what creatures are in the game right from the start.

To capture Pals, just like in Pokémon games, you need to weaken them with attacks first and then capture them using a Pal Sphere. Especially at the beginning of the game, you should focus on capturing Pals that are at your level or lower to avoid losing in battles.

2. Finding a Suitable Location for Your Base and Building It

In Palworld, it's important to build your own base. Here, you can transform resources into equipment and take a rest. Additionally, once you've set up a bed, you can respawn in your base.

Here's what to consider when choosing a location: In general, you can build your base anywhere you like. However, for starters, it's a good idea to find a spot within the starting area. Set up your base near trees, rocks, and especially ores like iron and paldium. You'll find paldium ore near rivers and lakes, while iron ores are large, dark-colored rocks.

Palworld Padlium Ore
You can find paldium ores along rivers and ponds.

In the later stages of the game, you can establish additional bases and venture into higher-level areas.

Here's how you build a base: Once you've found a suitable location, you'll need to learn basic blueprints from your technology tree. These include:

  • Workbench
  • Repair Bench
  • Palbox
  • Campfire
  • Wooden Structures Set.

At Level 3, you'll learn how to craft a bed for yourself and your Pals.

Palworld technology tree
You need those items to build your base.

With the Structures Set, you can build wooden foundations, walls, and roofs to create your own cabin. All you need for this is wood. Once your house is built, you can place a bed inside to skip the night and set your base as a respawn point.

At a workbench, you can craft various items that are crucial for your progress. The repair bench allows you to repair your items, and the campfire is used for cooking food. Additionally, you should build a bed for your Pals, which you can also learn at Level 3.

The Palbox is important for storing your Pals or using them as labor in your base. Initially, you can only use one Pal as labor, but you'll get more slots as you level up your base.

Pallworld Base
A small base camp.

Tip: Build crates to store your loot in them. Your Pals will also store resources in them, and you can access the loot in all your bases while crafting items without needing them in your inventory.

3. Feeding Pals Properly to Keep Them Alive

Once you've captured a few Pals, you need to take care of their food. You can do this by either foraging for food like meat or berries and feeding them, or by placing a food box in your base.

You can learn the food box at Level 4, and at Level 5, you can learn how to build a berry plantation. This is essential for your Pals to be self-sufficient.

So, build the berry plantation in your base and make sure you have enough berry seeds in a crate. Now, you just need active Pals in your base who can plant, water, and carry items. Your Pals will automatically plant the seeds, water them, and place the ripe berries in the food box. This way, you'll have a constant supply of food, and your Pals won't starve. In our list of all Pals, you'll find ones with suitable traits for these tasks.

Palworld seeding
You can provide your Pals with food by maintaining a garden yourself.

4. How to Level Up Your Hero, Base, and Pals

How to level up your Hero and your Pals: The higher your own level and the level of your Pals, the stronger you become, and you'll be able to defeat tougher enemies and capture higher-level Pals. There are essentially two ways to level up:

  • Defeat enemies and craft items. Every action earns you experience points and levels up your hero. Your team of Pals that you have with you also levels up as a result.
  • All your Pals actively working and defending in a base regularly receive experience points and gradually level up over time.

Leveling up is straightforward, but note that your Pals in the Palbox, which are inactive, do not level up.

How to level up your base: To send more Pals into active service, your base needs a higher level. You increase the level of a base by completing ongoing missions, which become progressively more challenging. You can always check your current status at the Palbox and upgrade your base when you complete a mission here.

Palworld Base leveling
You can level up your base by completing missions.

5. Reducing Your Pals' Stress Levels and Increasing the Sanity

When your Pals work hard, it increases their stress levels. The “Sanity” value decreases from a maximum of 100 down to 0. The lower this value is, the less effective your Pals become, and eventually, they may refuse to work.

To increase the Sanity of your Pals, there are several things you should pay attention to:

  • Having different types of food like berries, meat, or eggs in your food box, especially if they are cooked, will improve your Pals' Sanity. If they keep getting the same food, their satisfaction won't increase as quickly.
  • Your Pals receive a significant Sanity boost when they bathe in the hot spring. You can learn the hot spring at Level 9 and build it in your base. It's best to build 2 or 3 “Hot Springs” to have enough for your Pals. They will appreciate it.
  • You can also pet your Pals by approaching them, pressing the 4 key to open the menu, and selecting “Pet”. This reduces your Pals' stress, and their Sanity value will increase again.

With these 5 tips, you're well-prepared for a successful start in Palworld, ensuring you survive the initial hours without any issues. Have we missed any helpful tips? Feel free to share them with us in the comments – we look forward to hearing from you!

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