Sons of the Forest: How to Find the Putter

Published: Mar. 23, 2023
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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In the survival game Sons of the Forest, there are many useful weapons and tools hidden all over the island, including a putter. However, it is anything but easy to reach. We'll show you how to get it anyway.

What can the putter do? You can use the sports equipment as a practical melee weapon in Sons of the Forest. However, it is one of the weaker weapons in the game. Sometimes you need almost 20 hits to defeat an opponent finally. But it's still worth the effort. Because besides the putter, there are other valuable items to be found inside the bunker, such as the mighty Katana.

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Here You Can Find the Putter in Sons of the Forest

Go to the southeast of the island. Here is the entrance to the cave. We have marked the exact location for you on the map below.

Before you set off, however, there are a few things to do. You will need the following items to reach the putter:

  • Maintenance key card (you'll need the Shovel for this).
  • Rebreather (needed to get the shovel)
  • Rope gun (also needed to get the shovel)
  • Flashlights, flairs, or similar to explore the dark cave

Sufficient provisions and armament must not be missing, of course. All together? Then let's go! Run into the cave until you reach a hole in the ground leading to a bunker. Jump in and follow the path to a door you can open with the key card.

Behind it, a staircase awaits you, which will lead you through the floors of the bunker. On the first level, which you enter through a yellow door, you can find the putter. Behind the yellow door, an enemy is waiting for you, who will throw babies at you.


Behind this monstrosity, you will pass through a door into a corridor, from which you can repeatedly turn right into living rooms. You can find a pistol and ammunition in the first of these rooms. You can pull the putter out of a lifeless body in the next room.

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