Tarkov Event: You Just Donated 1.5 Trio. Rubles to The Cultists & Don’t know it

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In the last event of Escape From Tarkov, you had to collect a large sum of money together with the community to make the disappeared merchants reappear. But let’s look back: that wasn’t the real reason. In truth, we collectively raised money for fanatics and mass murderers who could now initiate the next wipe.

What happened? A few days ago, the latest event in Escape From Tarkov started. In the so-called Global Event, the entire community had to pull together to collect 1.5 trillion rubles for the upcoming in-raid trader Lightkeeper. Now the event is over, the task has been accomplished. Now all the traders who disappeared due to the event have also returned.

But the community is currently so divided that no one questions the lore of the event. What does a single merchant in Tarkov need 1.5 trillion rubles (22 billion euros) for?

1.5 Trio. Rubles collected for cultists: What happens now?

What happens after the event? In the post about the end of the event you can read on the Lore letter that the money has been collected. Below it is written in a different pen and handwriting:

“He is not happy!”

This is apparently some kind of threat from the cultists. Next to the above sentence you can see their symbol. “He” can only be Lightkeeper in this case. Another hint that this trader is also the leader of the cultists (more about this later).

Is there a pre-wipe event coming? Before most Tarkov Wipes, there is an event that is supposed to introduce it. Often these events are designed so that players blow all their equipment and money. YouTuber NoiceGuy now made a guess that, if true, would be unbelievable.

The 1.5 trillion rubles that all players collected last week goes directly into the coffers of the cultists. And now ask yourself what crazy fanatics and cold-blooded “around the corner” bringers could do with so much money.

Possible scenarios

  • The cultists pose a major threat in an upcoming event that the community has to fight against together = No wipe
  • The cultists use the money to buy an EMP, chemical weapons, nukes or similar crazy stuff and destroy Tarkov with it = Wipe.

What at first sounds impossible for Escape From Tarkov is the set direction that developer Battlestate Games wants to take with the shooter. So, first and foremost, head developer Nikita Buyanov wants to tie every update and wipe into the lore of Tarkov. A large EMP attack on the city could be an explanation for a wipe.

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Who is behind the cultists & owns 1.5 Trio. Rubles?

Who is Lightkeeper? As briefly mentioned at the beginning, Lightkeeper is the newest trader in Escape From Tarkov. As the first trader, he should only be found in the raid on Lighthouse. You can’t visit Lightkeeper yet. However, he is already influencing the game. Most recently, he made sure that all traders except for Fence had to go underground. He also demanded 1.5 trillion rubles, which the community provided him with.

However, Lightkeeper seems to have another identity. Everything points to the fact that the trader is also the leader of the cultists. On his letters and messages you can find the logo, and on his trader profile picture we can find a shadowy figure in the background.

Whether Lightkeeper is really the leader of the cultists, in the end, remains to be seen. We continue to be curious about what big event is coming up next. As soon as we learn something new about the current situation in Escape From Tarkov, we’ll share it with you right away! To make sure you don’t miss it, take a look at our Discord!


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