New World Maintenance on October 28th: How Long will the Servers be Offline?

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Amazon Game Studios are currently working on New World’s servers to implement update 1.0.4. We’ll tell you how long this work will last and whether there will be a delay.

Why we need maintenance work? Online game developers often announce maintenance work. But they often do not share what is behind it. Basically, this work involves minor adjustments, updates for the server software, or adjustments to the client version of the players.

New World Server offline: How long does the maintenance work take?

Server maintenance from October 28th

When will it continue? With a tweet (via developer Amazon Game Studios announced that the maintenance work has already started. So players shouldn’t worry about the game. The servers are back online today, the exact times can be found here:

  • Start of maintenance work: October 27th, 10:00 PM (P.T.)
  • End of maintenance: October 28th, 1:00 AM (P.T.)

Can it take longer? Yes, the last Server maintenance, New World players had to wait a little longer for the servers to return. They should also go online after around 5 hours. But it was only after 8 to 11 hours later that the work was finished, and the servers went online.

If there are again delays today, we will inform you in this article. Accordingly, we are adding an update that you will recognize immediately when you return.

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