V Rising: Find Cotton and Craft Cotton Yarn

Published: May. 17, 2023
Updated: May. 17, 2023

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At some point in V Rising, you will need tons of cotton to make cotton yarn. This is needed to craft armor and later also for T3 resources. We tell you where to find cotton.

Why do you need cotton? Cotton is a resource that you cannot produce directly. But you can pick them and grow them yourself with the seeds. You need cotton to make yarn from it, which you need in turn to tailor armor and produce stronger yarn in the endgame.

Here you will Find Cotton in V Rising

To get cotton in V Rising, grab your sword or sickle and keep an eye out for farms in Dunley Farmlands. Some of them offer cotton, and you can find them in abundance in fields.

In the Dunley Farmlands you will find 7 farms where cotton is grown. But be careful because the farms are surrounded mainly by garlic but are hardly protected by guards.

How to Grow Cotton Yourself

Of course, you can also plant cotton yourself in your own base. To do this, you must first plunder the people's cotton fields, and you will also randomly receive cotton seeds. You can now easily plant these seeds outdoors and have your own cotton plantation after a few in-game days.


How to Craft Cotton Yarn in V Rising

Now use the cotton to make cotton yarn on the loom, which you unlock after defeating Beatrice the Tailor. 15 cotton each becomes 1 yarn. If your loom is in a closed room with a suitable tailor's floor, you only need 12 cotton for 1 cotton yarn.

V Rising craft Cotton Yarn

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