Valheim: How to Make Potions and Mead for Resistance and Health

Published: Sep. 07, 2022
Updated: Jun. 15, 2023

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To survive in the co-op survival Valheim, Vikings have to brew potions sooner or later - and drink a lot of mead. We'll tell you how liquid lifesavers are made.

What you need to know: Potions are the best friend of Vikings and women. Because, among other things, they restore health and stamina, and they give resistance to frost or poison. Incidentally, the latter also does a certain mead (Poison Resistance Mead), so you don't want to miss the tasty tube drink, either.

However, both are difficult to craft - you must first meet a few conditions and have specific workbench extensions.

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What you need to do, to make potions and mead

For you to be able to make potions and mead in Valheim, you must first be able to produce metals. This in turn requires that you have defeated the first boss - Eikthyrnir - and obtained the antlers for the pickaxe from him.

In addition, you must have taken in all the ingredients for the basic mead recipe and have several resources. In detail these would be:

  • Smithy / Forge (workbench, 4x stone, 4x coal, 10x wood, 6x copper)
  • Bronze ax (blacksmith, 4x wood, 8x bronze, 2x leather snippets)
  • Beehive (workbench, 10x wood, 1x queen bee - How to make a beehive)
  • Campfire (5x stone, 2x wood)
  • Kessel / Cauldron (forge, 10x tin)
  • Fermentation tank / fermenter (forge, 20x precious wood / fine wood, 5x bronze, 10x resin)

Valheim - Bienenzucht

How to get a queen bee: You can get the queen bee you need for the beehive by destroying bee nests. Ideally, of course, you do this with a bow and arrow. You can often find bee nests near abandoned buildings in the Meadows Biome.

How to make mead: As soon as you have all the ingredients for the potions you want - which ingredients make which potions are listed below - you have to create the base for mead in your cauldron. It is the basis of all potions. You move the finished mead base into the fermentor, which remains for a few in-game days. Then you will finally receive the finished mead.

The most essential potions and their ingredients

  • Frost Resistance Mead: 10x Honey, 5x Thistle, 2x Bloodbag, 1x Greydwarf Eye (frost resistance for 10 minutes)
  • Poison Resistance Mead: 10x Honey, 5x Thistle, 1x Neck Tail, 10x Coal (poison resistance for 10 minutes)
  • Minor Healing Potion: 10x Honey, 5x Blueberries, 10x Raspberries, 1x Dandelion (50 points health regeneration over time
  • Medium Healing Potion: 10x Honey, 4x Bloodbag, 10x Raspberries, 1x Dandelion (75 points health regeneration over time)
  • Minor Stamina Potion: 10x Honey, 10x Raspberries, 10x Yellow Mushroom (quickly restores 80 stamina)
  • Tasty Mead: 10x Honey, 10x Raspberries, 10x Blueberries (300 % stamina regeneration for 10 seconds, but -50 % health restoration)

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