Valheim: Where to Find Copper

Published: Aug. 25, 2022
Updated: Jun. 15, 2023

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The Viking co-op survival Valheim doesn't explain many things and lets you try out a lot in its open game world. But to get better equipment, you also need copper. We'll tell you how to get the ore.

You have to keep this in mind: Before you storm off to search for ores, you must first successfully defeat the first boss Eikthyr. Namely, it drops an important resource that will teach you how to make a pickaxe. You require it to mine the ores.

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How to get Copper in Valheim

Getting to copper is not that difficult. When you have the pickaxe, run into the Black Forest and look for large, flat stones covered with moss. If you look directly at the rock, you will also see “Copper Deposit”. So it is a copper deposit.


Now all you have to do is hit it with your pickaxe until you have enough copper. You can mine the entire deposit, which - depending on its size - can give you up to 60 copper ore. You won't be able to carry much of it around because 1 copper ore already weighs 10 KG. Suppose you only walk around with the bare minimums so that you can drag a maximum of 29 copper ore back to your base.

Useful tip: if you've already made a car, you can load it to the brim. If you've already built a portal and are considering teleporting from your base to the deposit, you'd better leave it alone. The valuable ore is lost during teleportation.

The next step would be to find tin and bond it with your copper to make bronze. All you have to do is build the smelter and the forge, which you learn by mining copper and finding surtling cores.

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