Valheim’s Ultimate Boats Guide: Building, Sailing & More

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In this guide, we will show you how to build all three boats in Valheim, how to control them perfectly and how to unlock a secret fourth boat!

Valheim boat trip: In the Viking survival game Valheim it is not uncommon for you to be out and about with your ship. But you have to get to this point first. That’s why in this boat guide we show you everything you need to know about shipping.

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These are the 3 boats in Valheim & this is how you build them

It’s always the same: When building the boats in Valheim, you have to pay attention to a few things. For one, that would be that you always need a workbench and a hammer to build the ships. Second, having water nearby wouldn’t be a bad idea.

1. Raft

Features: The raft or raft is the very first vehicle you can build. Accordingly, it could easily be called the worst. Despite the fact that it is very maneuverable, it has many disadvantages:

  • very slowly
  • no storage space
  • one ladder

Construction instructions: To build the raft, you only need basic raw materials, which can be found and processed relatively quickly at the beginning of your journey:

  • 20x wood (trees)
  • 6x leather (wild boar)
  • 10x resin (trees and gray dwarfs)


2. Medium-sized Karve

Features: The Karve is a medium-sized ship in Valheim and a very good all-rounder. Especially for groups, the Karve should be the first of the boats, as it is quite spacious and meets the needs of real Vikings:

  • Fast & best maneuverability
  • 4x storage space
  • A ladder

Construction instructions: At the Karve in Valheim it gets a bit more complicated with the resources. However, as mentioned above, groups should be able to build the ship quickly.

  • 30x fine wood
  • 10x deer hide
  • 20x resin
  • 80x bronze nails (bronze guide)


3. Longboat

Features: The longboat is the largest of the three Valheim boats. Getting a better boat than this is not possible in the current version of the game:

  • Fastest & largest ship
  • 10x storage space
  • 2x ladders

Construction instructions: Since the longboat is the largest of the boats in Valheim, you not only need the most, but above all the rarest raw materials in the game.

  • 40x fine wood
  • 40x Ancient Bark
  • 10x deer hide
  • 100x iron nails


Functions of seafaring: how to become a master captain

Basics: Steering a boat in Valheim is like the old saying goes: easy to learn but tough to master. Because basically all boats in the Viking game steer themselves identically. All you have to do is choose one of the three propulsion methods.

  1. Rudder: The rudder is always used to steer when you have a headwind or when you are out and about in narrow waters.
  2. Half-mast: Tension the sail halfway up to absorb some wind and thus speed, but still be maneuverable.
  3. Full mast: The full sail is set especially when you follow a clearly plannable course. Assuming that there is a cross or tailwind, this is the fastest way to go. However, this makes maneuvering more difficult.

Flood of symbols: this is what the icons mean

With the many icons in Valheim, even the best capital can lose track of things. So that this doesn’t happen to you, here is the explanation.

valheim-steuerradSteering wheel & arrows: If you set your boat in motion, you will recognize one or more

colored arrows above the steering wheel icon. They show you whether your boat is behaving neutrally, i.e. standing still, or moving forwards or backwards.

If an arrow can be seen forward, it means that you are moving forward, downward it promises a backward movement and if there is no arrow, your boat is stationary. With two arrows your sail is at half mast. If the arrows are red it means your sail is at full mast.

The yellow bar that appears when you are steering your vehicle indicates how hard you are steering in the corresponding direction.


Wind direction: The small boat, surrounded by a gold-black circle, tells you where the wind is blowing from. The exact wind direction shows the “blow symbol”, which should be clearly recognizable as a wind sign.

If you turn your ship, the position of this icon on the circle changes. You should also always avoid running into a headwind, should that happen, you can switch to the oar.

By the way, should you destroy your boat in Valheim, you will get all the raw materials back.

Unlock the secret boat in Valheim – that’s how it works!

How to get it: There are more than three boats in Valheim. A secret ship is hidden in the game’s code and can even be summoned. To do this, however, you have to activate the cheats, which works like this:

  1. Press “F5” to open the console
  2. Write in the console “imacheater”
  3. Now type in “spawn trailership 1”

Now a large longboat should appear, equipped with decorations, decorative elements and a red tarp. Although this has more storage space than the other three ships, it unfortunately cannot be steered at the moment.

Nevertheless, as a decoration for a successful Viking stronghold, the secret Valheim boat is an absolute must.valheim-secret-geheim

The illustrations in this guide are from Muckwell.


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