Diablo Immortal: Best Barbarian Build - "Spin to Win" Guide

Published: Jun. 03, 2022
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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You want to play a barbarian in Diablo Immortal and don't know what to skill? Then we have a solid whirlwind build for you here, which is suitable for leveling for solo and group players, but can also score later in raids.

This is the Barbarian in Diablo Immortal: Barbarians are mighty warriors who use brute force to mow down their enemies while unleashing razor-sharp blades in melee combat. The barbarian is a classic tank, takes a lot of damage, but can also dish out a lot and convinces beginners with its high survivability.

General Pros and Cons of the barbarian

  • Very agile
  • High AoE damage in melee
  • Speed buff for the whole party
  • Able to bind large numbers of enemies
  • Withstands a lot of damage
  • Lots of crowd control skills
  • Must sacrifice damage output for optimal tank role in the endgame
  • Low single target damage
  • Important skills have long cooldowns

You should pay attention to this when leveling

When leveling a barbarian, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • Be sure to opt for the Whirlwind and Sprint skills as soon as they become available to you. These abilities make you extra agile and help you dish out a lot of AoE damage.
  • Remember to regularly craft upgrades for your weapons and equipment at the Blacksmith.
  • Keep an eye on the BattlePass. He gives you legendary items when leveling.
  • Keep an eye out for legendary drops. The off-hand weapon "The Remembered" is one of the absolute must-haves for barbarians.

The barbarian spin-to-win build

The spin-to-win build turns your barbarian into a frenzied, razor-sharp, and deadly whirlwind that slaughters enemies with AoE damage and high mobility. The Whirlwind ability is the focus of your attacks, but abilities like Hammer of the Ancients also spread fear and terror among your opponents.

These skills are important

  • Lacerate (Primary): You launch multiple attacks in a row to deal damage and heal yourself with every third hit.
  • Sprint: Leap into a group of enemies to damage them and reduce their movement speed when they land.
  • Whirlwind: Probably the most iconic ability of the barbarian - you spin around yourself at insane speed and let your blade gyrate. You deal damage to all surrounding enemies.
  • Wrath of the Berserker: Your barbarian becomes enraged, attacking at increased speed for a period of time while also increasing its movement speed.
  • Hammer of the Ancients: You summon a huge hammer that swoops down on your enemies, dealing damage over time.

This equipment is important

If you want to get the most out of your barbarian, you need the following items:

  • Weapon: The Tempest - Whirlwind's radius is increased, but movement speed is reduced.
  • Offhand: The Remebered - Your Hammer of the Ancients ability also summons a Spirit of the Ancients that stuns nearby enemies and then fights at your side.
  • Helm: Second Breath - Your critical hit chance is increased by 3 percent, and sprint lasts 30 percent longer.
  • Shoulder: The Coming Storm – Wrath of the Berserker cooldown is reduced by 15 percent.
  • Pants: any - according to the current beta status, there is no BiS item yet
  • Chest: The Gathering - Whirlwind pulls all enemies you hit with the skill towards you.

Then get as many pieces from the Set "Grace of the Flagellant" as possible:

  • 2 parts: All continual damage, channeled damage, and persistent ground damage increased by 15%.
  • 4 Pieces: Each time you damage an individual enemy 5 times, you will do 287 additional damage to that enemy.
  • 6 Pieces: Each time you deal damage, you have a 4% chance to unleash a lightning strike, dealing 1724 damage to all nearby enemies and stunning them for 2 seconds. Cannot occur more often than once every 40 seconds.

The sets each consist of the amulet, 2 rings, gloves, belt and shoes. You can find them in the following dungeons:

Set-Piece Dungeon (Level)
Amulet Destruction's End (Hell 2+)
Ring 1 Kikuras Rapids (Hell 4+)
Ring 2 Temple of Namari (Hell 4+)
Gloves Temple of Namari (Hell 2+)
Belt Tomb of Fahir (Hell +1)
Boots Forgottenm Tower (Hell +1)

Diablo Immortal: Barbarian - These gems are important

To start, you can equip the following gems in the Barbarian spin-and-win build:

  • Everlasting Torment: Deals very high damage over time after a critical hit. In addition, your attack speed is increased.
  • Trickshot Gem: Your channeled abilities consume energy more slowly and you take less damage while channeling an ability.
  • Fervent Fang: Deals high single damage. Can be obtained in BattlePass.
  • Berserker's Eye: Increases your damage, but you also take more damage.
  • Lightening Core: Your attacks have a chance to inflict lightning bolts, dealing additional damage to nearby enemies.
  • Chained Death: You get a good damage bonus.

How to play the barbarian with the spin to win build in Diablo Immortal

If you want to successfully slice and dice hordes of monsters with the Barbarian in a spin-and-win build, there aren't too many things to consider. Focus on quickly moving between groups of enemies using Sprint and Wrath of the Berserker. Use the Whirlwind to mow down your enemies in large areas.

If your health is at a critical level, take on an elite opponent if possible and use Lacerate to restore health. If you already own the off-hand weapon The Remembered, heat up your opponents with Hammer of the Ancients as well. Alternatively, Furious Charge is used.

If you want to know more about the barbarian in Diablo Immortal and his skills, we recommend this video by echohack:


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