Diablo Immortal: Solve the "9 Lamp Puzzle" in Zoltan's Library

Published: Nov. 10, 2022
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Diablo Immortal has been released and, in addition to the crisp battles, also boasts smaller puzzle passages like the 9-lamp puzzle. This puzzle in the library of Zoltan Kulle can be quite annoying, which is why Guided.news now shows you how to solve it quickly.

What is this puzzle? In the course of your main quest you will reach the library of Zoltan Kulle. You will reach this point in the game between level 30 and 40. If you are lower, we recommend doing some side quests for the time being. But for the 9-lamp puzzle in Diablo Immortal you don't need a high level, you need brains -- or us, don't worry, we have your back?

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How to solve the 9 lamp puzzle in Diablo Immortal

Once you get to the library, you should find a kind of square with four faces on the floor. At all corners there are lamps, which you have to activate in the correct order. If you haven't touched or turned anything yet, you can start right away.

But if you have already experimented with the lamps, you have to reset the lamp puzzle. To reset the event to the beginning, you have to leave the area and then join it. We'll go into the lamps from your perspective, "Up" being the single lamp at the top from your perspective. Now activate the puzzle from and follow our instruction:

9 lamp puzzle order

  1. Lamp center left
  2. Lamp center right
  3. lamp in the middle
  4. lamp above
  5. lamp below

Diablo Immortal Lost Runes all l

If that didn't work, then reset the level. How to do that, we have already described above! We hope we could help you and invite you to join our socials on Facebook and Discord (linked above 🙂 ).

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