Valheim: Where to find “fine wood” & how to get it

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Precious wood is almost as common in the co-op survival game Valheim as regular wood. The problem is that you cannot easily access the resource. We’ll tell you how to do it.

What you need to know: In the early game, precious wood is still a relatively insignificant raw material. However, as soon as you upgrade your workbench to level 4, build a longship or set up a guardian figure, there is no way around precious wood for you. In total, more than 40 products can be made from this special resource.

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Where you can find precious wood in Valheim

Finding precious wood is easy in Valheim, because you are surrounded by it from the start. The best source is birch, which, as everyone knows, can be recognized by its white trunks and is found all over the starting biome (the meadows).

The stupid thing is that you can knock around on birch with a wooden ax for a long time – it won’t give you its wood. Instead, you need a bronze ax, which unfortunately can only be made over the corpse of the first boss monster – Eikthyr.

Valheim - Eikthyrnir
The road to precious wood is long and rocky. The first hurdle to be overcome is this monstrous deer.

How to get fine wood: First defeat Eikthyr to get a hard antler. From this, you can craft the antler pickaxe required for mining. The next thing you need is copper ore, which you can get in the Black Forest adjacent to the Meadows. There it is stored in large, moss-covered rocks.

Now the ore has to be processed into copper; to do this, you melt it in the smelter. You will then receive the crafting recipe for the forge, with which you can get the bronze ax

  • 4x wood
  • 8x bronze
  • 2x leather scraps

can produce. You can find out how bronze is made in our bronze-guide.


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