Diablo Immortal: How to solve the Lost Runes quest

Published: Jun. 30, 2022
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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The first puzzles of Diablo Immortal await you in Zoltun Kulle's library. The quest Lost Runes consists of three different tasks within the library. With our guide, we will show you how to solve all the puzzles and find the lost runes.

That's what the Lost Runes quest is about: Within Zoltun Kulle's library, you have to find a total of three Lost Runes. However, in order to be able to enter this dungeon at all, your character must be level 35. If you're not ready yet, you'll need to level up in other places first. Once you can enter the library, you have to solve different puzzles and defeat certain monsters to get the lost runes.

First Rune: Light all nine lamps

The search for the first lost rune leads you to a room with nine torch holders. To get the rune you have to manage to light all nine lamps at the same time. When you light a lamp, it sends out a total of four flames, one in each direction. As soon as a flame hits an already ignited lamp, it goes out again. So you have to think carefully about which lamp you want to activate next. Or you simply follow our guide.

There are several combinations here to solve the puzzle. Once all nine lamps are lit, you can grab the first lost rune and continue your quest.

Second Rune: defeat monsters

For the second lost rune, you are back in familiar territory. Just follow the quest navigation until you come to a room with several monsters. An epic (purple) enemy is also waiting for you there. Once you've defeated all opponents, you can use the second lost rune to make your escape.

Third Rune: Solve the mirror puzzle

For the third and last rune, you have to solve a small puzzle again. After the navigation has brought you into a room with movable mirrors, you have to align them correctly. The aim of the whole thing is to redirect the incident light beam through the mirrors in such a way that it falls on the lost rune and illuminates it. Again, you can either try it yourself or follow our guide. You only have to move two mirrors in total, namely the two upper ones:

  • Move the bottom mirror up once
  • Move the top mirror to the left twice

Diablo Immortal Mirrors

As soon as the beam of light falls on the rune via the mirrors, you can pick it up. With the three runes you can now continue in the main story. To do this, bring the runes to the curator you spoke to at the beginning of the quest and place the runes in the designated spaces on the ground.

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