Diablo Immortal: Level up Quickly to Level 60 - Here's How

Published: Jun. 07, 2022
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Fans have been waiting for the new Diablo chapter for a long time. Since June 2nd, 2022, Diablo Immortal is finally back: grind, grind, grind. But how can you level up as quickly and efficiently as possible? Our level guide shows you how to easily collect level advancements and quickly reach the maximum level.

As in the other Diablo titles, Diablo Immortal first guides you through a predetermined campaign that accompanies you up to level 60. Only then does the actual game begin for many players, and we tell you how to get there as quickly as possible.

Fast leveling in Diablo Immortal

The campaign itself is already a very good way to gain XP and level up. The given quests bring a lot of experience and quick level-ups at the beginning. In order to be as efficient as possible here, you should not kill every single monster you encounter along the way. Instead, focus on the main objective of the quest you are currently pursuing.

This is how you level up quickly: One of the most effective ways to level up is to complete the campaign quests, but in some places, you need a higher level and grind is the order of the day. In Diablo Immortal, there are numerous ways to get through these phases quickly:

  • Elder Rifts: The Greater Rifts already known from Diablo 3 or here, Elder Rifts, is one of the fastest ways to level up your character. Especially the monsters shown in blue on your minimap are of great value to you. These bring very fast progress on the way to the portal guardian and usually drop several experience orbs.
    Diablo Immortal Elder Rifts
  • Bounties: You can complete up to 8 different tasks every day via the wanted poster board, the so-called bounties. For this, you usually have to defeat a certain number of monsters.
    Diablo Immortal Headhunting
  • Codex: Not to be underestimated is the Codex, which is displayed to you on the left below your character icon. By completing quests and guide tasks, you can earn some XP by progressing through the BattlePass achievements and achievements.
    Diablo Immortal Kodex

General tips for fast leveling in Diablo Immortal

In addition to the specific dungeons and quests that the game offers you, there are a few other little things that, taken together, give you a pretty big boost in XP collection.

This is important: The following tips are quick to implement and can be easily incorporated into your usual play style:

  • In order not to waste unnecessary time, you should use at least one movement skill, e.g. Sprint for the barbarian. With more movement speed, you automatically level up faster.
  • Activate the auto-loot function in your settings so that you can simply walk over it to collect dropped loot.
  • Try to defeat multiple monsters at once. Run past the first enemies and pull them behind you. Defeating many monsters in a short time will give you a massacre bonus for more XP. The more monsters you destroy in a short time, the higher the experience bonus.
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