Diablo Immortal: How the Paragon System Works

Published: Jun. 07, 2022
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Once you reach level 60 in Diablo Immortal, the Paragon system unlocks alongside the Infernal difficulty levels. You can use the Paragon system to further improve your character. We'll show you what's behind it.

This is the Paragon system: The Paragon system, already known from Diablo 3, also ensures in Diablo Immortal that you can further strengthen your character after reaching the maximum level. However, the Paragon system in Diablo Immortal works a little differently than you might think.

This way, the Paragon Points are not shared between the individual characters, but only apply to individual characters. From level 60 you no longer get a level up for every full XP bar, but a Paragon point. You can then distribute these points to different Paragon talent trees. This is important because the level of difficulty increases automatically with a higher Paragon level.

The Paragon Talent Trees in Diablo Immortal

In total, Diablo Immortal offers six different Paragon talent trees. In principle, they all have the same structure. In each talent tree, you will find 10 Paragon talents to distribute your hard-earned points among. Depending on your character and play style, a given distribution may be better or worse.

This is important: There are two types of talents. Talents marked with a round icon can be upgraded more often with Paragon points (sometimes up to ten times). They offer permanent bonuses that are always active, such as more armor or more vitality.

Talents with square icons can only be pointed once and represent powerful buffs. However, these buffs are only active if the talent tree containing the buff is also active. Only one talent tree can be active at a time. Also, not all paragon trees are available right from the start.

These are the Paragon talent trees:

  • Survivalist: available from Paragon level 1
  • Vanquisher: is available from Paragon level 1
  • Treasure Hunter: is available at Paragon level 50
  • Gladiator: available from Paragon level 100
  • Soldier tree: available at Paragon level 150
  • Mastermind tree: available at Paragon level 150
The Paragon-system in Diablo Imm

In Diablo Immortal, you can distribute your Paragon Points across different talent trees. Image source: diablo.4fansites.de

This is how you get the maximum out of the Paragon system

Since you are already spoiled for choice between the survivor tree and the slayer tree from Paragon level 1, the question arises as to how best to distribute the acquired Paragon points. Depending on class choice and play style, different talents can be useful.

Here's how you should proceed: If you're more of a tank, and you're the one who takes the beating in group dungeons, the gladiator tree is the right choice. Here, there are almost exclusively buffs and reinforcements that make your character more resilient. For example, you can get 30% increased block chance when your life falls below 30% or prevent deadly attacks from monsters and become invulnerable for three seconds.

If you like dealing damage yourself, the Slayer tree is a better choice. There are strong offensive buffs for your character here, such as more damage per monster killed or penetrating enemy armor. A combination of both talent trees is often recommended, in which you put your paragon points in defense once and in attack the next time. This gives you a good balance between offensive and defensive attributes and skills.

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